It’s a common occurrence. You go to a store, and there’s a bunch of kitchen tools. You see ones you’ve never seen before. Maybe even some with a fancy catch like “amazingly ergonomic” and “accommodates all hand sizes”, and you’re just left scratching your head wondering what the point of these could be. 

With so many products out there, it can be difficult to find the best kitchen products that are truly essential. That’s why we’ve tested hundreds of products, narrowing down the list (logically and systematically) of the best kitchen items that just make sense and make life easier!

Veggie Chopper

As much as we all love a good smoothie, prepping the ingredients can be painful if you don’t have the right tools. A veggie chopper will save you time and effort by chopping up all your favorite fruits and vegetables — from strawberries to carrots — in no time flat. You can use them in your next smoothie or enjoy them straight away!

Round Ice Cube Molder

If you’re tired of the same ol’ ice cube, check out this round ice mold. The set includes two molds and comes in a variety of colors. It’s very easy to use — simply fill the tray with water, freeze, and pop out your cubes! You can also use the round ice cube molds to freeze fruit concentrate and blend up slushies on hot summer days!

If you love easy entertaining but hate when guests leave their mess behind, this product is for you! With its magnetic design, this nifty gadget makes it easy for you to clean up after any party or get-together.

Bread Dispenser

You can buy bread in bulk, but if you buy a loaf daily, it can get expensive and stale quickly. With this bread dispenser, you can store up to six loaves at home without worrying about them going stale. The dispenser has a built-in timer and will automatically release the next loaf at the right time to give you fresh bread when you need it. It also comes with an indicator light so you know when it’s time to buy more bread!

Salad Spinner

We can’t imagine life without this handy tool! Salads are one of our favorite things to eat in the summertime, but they’re also notoriously difficult to wash properly without making them soggy or dropping lettuce leaves all over the place. With this salad spinner, washing greens becomes a breeze — just put them in with some water and spin!

Cheese Melting Pan

If you love cheese as much as we do, this is an essential item for your kitchen. It’s a pan that lets you melt cheese over hot water, so it doesn’t burn. It takes all the guesswork out of cooking cheese on the stovetop and creates a perfect melting texture every time.

Warming Butter Knife

The main benefit of using a warming butter knife is convenience. You don’t have to pull out your regular knives just to spread some butter on toast or crackers.

The other benefit of using this type of knife is that it helps prevent foodborne disease by preventing cross-contamination between foods (such as raw chicken) through its temperature.

Cookie Dunking Cup

It’s something we’ve only recently discovered, and we think it makes a lot of sense.

It’s a cup with a lid designed to hold your cookie while you dip it in milk or coffee.

You can put your cookie inside, flip the lid over, and dunk it into your drink without getting any of the liquid on your hands.

Avocado Huggers

If you love avocados and want to enjoy them more often, avocado huggers are a must-have tool! These nifty gadgets keep your avocados fresh for longer by storing them in the fridge. They also prevent the mess of an open avocado half and make it easier to scoop out the fruit’s flesh when it’s time to eat.

You can use avocado huggers to store other fruits and veggies, too — they’re great for keeping berries from getting crushed, keeping lettuce crisp, and preventing cut apples from browning too quickly.

Corn Stripper

Corn strippers are kitchen tools that make removing the kernels from corn on the cob easier. You can also use a spoon to remove the kernels, but it takes more time and effort. The corn stripper has holes along its length so that you can place the corn cobs in it and slice off the kernels with a quick twist of your wrist. If you want to get the most out of your corn cobs, this is one kitchen product that just makes sense.

Bagel Guillotine

The Bagel Guillotine is a device that slices bagels into even portions, which is perfect for sandwiches. The bagel guillotine eliminates the need for a knife, which can be dangerous when your hands are full of other things. This works by cutting through the center of the bagel and then snapping back into place after each slice. It comes with two blades (one set for thicker loaves of bread and one set for regular bread), so you can use it on more than just bagels. Plus, it’s really easy to clean between uses, so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty while making food in a rush!


If a product makes sense for your kitchen, it’s worth getting. The best designs will improve your cooking space’s overall function and efficiency. Above all else, you need to consider how this design will fit into your current kitchen layout and look on your counter or shelf. You’ll want something beautiful and multifunctional to have it do double duty and something that will last a long time without needing to purchase other single-use tools.