Summer is always a good time. School is finished, and graduation is over. The stress from finals finally leaves our system, and we can finally relax again. You can do so many things, and deciding what to do is hard. But, what better way to kick off the summer than with a legendary party to start it off right? Below are some ideas for the best “start of summer” party.

Beach Party

The beach is beautiful; huge waves, soft sand, incredible views, and watching the sunset create a beautiful horizon. There are so many things to do on the beach and plenty of room to invite your friends and family. You can bring a net and have volleyball competitions or play for fun. You can get other yard games and play in the soft sand. The beach makes any yard game much more fun, mainly because it is in a different setting.

Pool Party

A pool party is a lot easier to host than the beach. You don’t have to worry about finding a good spot at the beach or if you are disturbing anyone. Things won’t have to be hauled to and from the car on the endless sandy beach, and you don’t have to keep track of everything you bring.

Pools at a private property have a whole lot of other advantages too. You can have whatever food you want, and you don’t have to worry about littering on public property. Some of the disadvantages are the space. Private property is a lot smaller, and there might not be enough room for everyone you want.

Road Trip

A road trip can be the best time you could have with your friends. You could create lifelong memories with music, games, and great places, all with friends by your side. Plan a route for your road trip with some good places to stop along the way. A good road trip could even involve flying to your destination before you’re car-bound! If you plan a short road trip but can’t seem to agree on who will drive, consider hiring a Utah Limo Service! A limo can eliminate arguments about who will drive and get everyone some needed rest before the next stop!

Camp Out

You can have a camp out in a couple of places. You can find a suitable campsite and set up games and activities, or you could clear a spot in your backyard and set up a tent. Plan the whole day and at night start the fire and make smores. You can play many games, and if you find a good campsite, there are typically other amenities such as great hiking trails and occasionally even water nearby! Some places might offer special activities like ziplining, fishing, or paddleboarding.

Night Party

During a night party, start at a Hyde Park happy hour and then you can stay until after dark and a fun fireside with lights, fireworks, and music. Adding glowsticks or night games can be a fun way to get everyone moving and enjoying themselves. One perk of having a night party is that it can be planned for just about any setting! You can set up somewhere extravagant like the beach or in your backyard. You can play games or have small competitions. You can get sparklers and paint the night with light and fun. Pretty much anything goes!


There are a lot of carnivals that start around the beginning of summer. There are plenty of carnival games and snacks to last the whole night. Plenty of great food like funnel cakes, fun fries, and candy apples can make the evening one to remember. You can go with all your friends and stay the whole night. With plenty of food, games, rides, and prizes, it’s no wonder some of the best memories are made at carnivals.

Planning the best start of a summer party can be challenging. There are many things to prepare for, which can be stressful, but with these unique summer party ideas, you’re sure to get this summer rolling in no time!