Technological growth and advancements in artificial intelligence have changed many ways customers interact with businesses. Especially in the eCommerce sector, brands have many options for automating and simplifying their marketing processes. Social media is no exception to this rule, and Instagram has made it a lot simpler for businesses to gather customer and campaign data, work on improving their strategy, and reach out to more customers. 

Since Instagram is popular for its visual content, eCommerce businesses can share product images and descriptions and sell more. However, if you feel a bit confused, you should follow this guide. 

Three Instagram marketing techniques for eCommerce brands

If you intend to get your eCommerce brand to appear in front of larger audiences, Instagram is the perfect spot. So, here are some techniques you should follow to make the process more efficient. 

1. Set your business goals

Before working on any marketing strategy, you must understand why you’re working on it. Especially with Instagram, where businesses have many options, they need to be more precise. The platform allows setting precise KPIs such as ad goals, target audiences, etc. So, if you don’t have set your business goals and objectives, Instagram cannot help you. Business goals are increasingly turning to online invoicing software systems as a means of expanding their operations.

First, plan how often you post and during what times of the day. You can gather such data from the Instagram Insights section and post content based on that information. Next, research and find out what other eCommerce brands are posting. Do they share more product images? What are their post descriptions like? While you don’t have to copy them, you can still do better and share more interactive content. 

2. Work with influencers

There’s no need to say how important influencer marketing is nowadays. Especially visual platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have a lot of influencers and brand ambassadors you can reach out to. Even big brands are promoting their products through influencers. For example, Nike makes promotional Instagram campaigns with the help of athletes and sportsmen. In case your online school offers courses on how to become a social worker, you can work with influencers that will share about that course with their followers.

However, not all eCommerce brands can partner with celebrities. But luckily, you also have the option to work with micro-influencers who don’t charge too much and can still help you reach out to more potential customers. Since influencer marketing is the new word-of-mouth, companies don’t hesitate to spread the word about their products with the help of such brand ambassadors. Moreover, they can create engaging content that will help attract even more people to your eCommerce store. 

3. Don’t forget about promotions

People have certain expectations when browsing online and buying various products. This is true about online stores as well. So, providing your customers with sweet deals and valuable offers can not only help increase sales but also improve customer relationships and loyalty. This way, you can also take them to your website for more discoveries. In this case, ensure the Shopify development process goes smoothly and effectively. The process is similar when advertising a real estate chatbot, you can build an effective ad strategy. 

Instagram is the ideal spot for successfully sharing promotional campaigns as it also allows targeting the right people for such campaigns and is cost-effective. As an eCommerce brand, you can begin with giveaways and promotional posts in the form of Instagram stories and even simple content. Moreover, Instagram contests can also improve brand awareness in the long term and help you build stronger customer trust. 


Instagram marketing is integral to your overall business success and promotion among your audience. You must research and plan your approach properly to share the right content, engage more people, and improve your eCommerce branding.