In our homes, electrical hazards can pose a significant risk to our safety and well-being. From overloaded circuits to outdated wiring and misused electrical devices, there are many potential dangers that can put our homes and families at risk.

At HomeOps Electric, we are a professional electrical company offering premium residential and commercial electrical services in the areas we serve. We are conversant with the common electrical hazards in homes and commercial spaces and what you can do to improve electrical safety. If you’re looking for electricians in Long Island reach out to HomeOps Electric. Today, we will look at the five biggest electrical hazards in homes.

1. Overloaded Circuits

Furthermore, the use of able portable generators can exacerbate the risk of an overloaded circuit. These portable generators provide necessary power during emergencies or outdoor activities, but when connected to a circuit already operating at full capacity, they can quickly overload the circuit and lead to hazardous situations. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully manage the number and type of appliances and devices connected to a single circuit, especially in older homes with limited electrical capacity.

How to Prevent Overloaded Circuits in Your Home

  • Spread out electrical loads
  • Upgrade your electrical system
  • Avoid using extension cords
  • Have your electrical system inspected regularly

2. Old Wiring

Old wiring is a major safety hazard in a home as it may not be able to handle the electrical demands of modern appliances and devices. Older wiring systems may not have a grounding wire, which can increase the risk of electrical shock and potentially cause electrical fires. Moreover, wiring systems that were installed before modern building codes were established may not meet current safety standards, making them more susceptible to electrical hazards.

You’ll know your electrical wiring may be outdated and in need of replacement if you notice the following signs:

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Buzzing sounds
  • A burning smell or scorch marks around your outlets
  • Your home is more than 30 years old and has never had its wiring replaced

If your home has old wiring, it’s important to have it inspected by experienced electricians in Brentwood to ensure that it is safe and up to code.

3. Extension Cords

Extension cords can come in handy, but they can result in a hazardous situation if they are used improperly. Apart from being a tripping hazard, extension cords are more prone to damage and can easily become overloaded. Extension cords should never be used as a permanent wiring solution or in place of a damaged electrical outlet. Make sure extension cords are used only as a temporary solution and not as a permanent wiring solution.

4. Water

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination, and using electrical devices in wet or damp conditions can lead to electrical shocks or even electrocution.

5. Curious Children

Young children tend to be extremely curious and keen to explore the world. When left unsupervised, they can play with electrical cords and devices and stick objects into electrical outlets, which can create a shock hazard. To prevent these hazards, it’s advisable to hire experienced electricians in Brentwood to help you childproof your home against electrical hazards.

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If you suspect that you have an electrical hazard in your home or business, contact the professional electricians at HomeOps Electric to assess the situation and provide you with a long-lasting solution. Here at HomeOps Electric, we take pride in offering high-quality electrical services to homeowners, businesses, and other customers. From electrical safety inspection to lighting installation, electrical outlet replacement, whole-house surge protection, generator installation, ceiling fan installation, and ventilation replacement, we do it all.