Commercial locksmiths provide essential services to businesses and organizations to improve their security, protect their assets, and ensure the safety of their employees and customers. With their expertise and specialized tools, commercial locksmiths can help businesses choose and install the best locks and security systems, provide on-going maintenance and repair services, and respond quickly to emergency lockout situations.

Let’s walk you through the 5 essential services offered by commercial locksmiths.

1. New Lock Installation

A commercial locksmith in Gilbert can install and repair various types of business locks, including high-security locks, electronic locks, and access control systems. The locksmith will help the business choose the best type of lock for their needs, whether it is a deadbolt, electronic lock, or keyless entry system.

2. Lock Rekeying

Commercial locksmiths can rekey business locks to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to certain areas of a facility. Lock rekeying is the process of changing the pins inside a lock cylinder so that the existing keys will no longer work, and a new key is needed to open the lock. Lock rekeying is often done when someone loses a key or when there is a security concern, such as when an employee who had access to a facility leaves the company.

3. Access Control System Installation

Access control systems in commercial buildings are security systems designed to control access to specific areas within a building or facility. These systems are designed to prevent unauthorized entry and to monitor and manage access by employees, visitors, and other individuals. Access control systems can include a variety of security technologies and features, such as electronic locks, biometric readers, keycards, intercom systems, access logs, and more. Commercial locksmiths can install and maintain different types of access control systems.

4. Safe Services

Commercial locksmiths offer a variety of safe services to businesses and organizations. These services include:

  • Safe installation

Commercial locksmiths can install a variety of safes, including wall safes, floor safes, and freestanding safes. They can also provide advice on the best type of safe for a business’s specific needs.

  • Safe opening

If a business or organization is locked out of their safe, a commercial locksmith in Surprise can use specialized tools and techniques to open the safe without causing any damage to the safe or its contents.

  • Safe repair

If a safe is damaged, a commercial locksmith in Surprise can repair it and restore it to its original condition.

  • Safe combination changes

Commercial locksmiths can change the combination of a safe to improve security and prevent unauthorized access.

  • Safe maintenance and servicing

Commercial locksmiths can provide regular maintenance and servicing of safes to ensure they are functioning properly and to prevent potential lockouts or security breaches.

5. Commercial Lockout Service

Commercial locksmiths provide emergency lockout services for businesses and organizations that have been locked out of their facilities. A lockout can happen for a variety of reasons, such as lost keys, broken keys, or malfunctioning locks. When a business or organization experiences a lockout, they can contact a commercial locksmith in Surprise who specializes in lockout services. The locksmith will respond quickly to the location and use specialized tools and techniques to open the locked doors without causing any damage to the locks or the door itself.

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