Buying hair extensions is no longer something that is looked down upon thanks to the ongoing fashion trends. In fact, it’s been pretty much accepted by society for a while. If long and voluminous hair is what you want, you do not have to wait patiently for years to grow your hair out. Hair extensions are your best aide.

Extensions will help you fluff your natural hair beautifully. You can also experiment with different styles without damaging your original hair. Having said that, buying the right type of extension is a huge challenge. There is an overwhelming amount of options that you have to choose from. Understandably, you may be slightly confused about how to make your purchase.

But worry not. We are providing this quick guide that will walk you through the five things you need to know before shelling money out on hair extensions.

1. Figure Out Which Type of Hair Extension You Want

Although clip-in extensions are some of the most popular ones, especially for beginners, there are other types of hair extensions as well. For example, you can find tape-ins, halos, hand-tied wefts and many more varieties of hair extensions.

Depending on whether you want the application of heat or not, you can also choose if you want hot-fused U tip hair extensions or cold-fused I tip hair extensions.

It’s crucial that you know which type you are most comfortable with before spending money.  Say you want long, thick hair instantaneously without a lot of struggle, you can opt for clip-in extensions. But if you want a longer-lasting extension for more semi-permanent wear, microbeads might be your ideal choice. Do your research on the extension types before your purchase.

2. Pick The Perfect Color Match

This tip is an absolute life-saver: color match your extension with your natural hair. If you end up buying an extension that is even a shade different from your hair and it doesn’t blend properly, it will just make your hair stand out for the wrong reasons. Nobody wants that.

So, look at the hair color at the end of your locks and buy an extension that matches that color. You can also choose to pick human hair extensions that match the prominent color of your hair and to get the most natural look.

3. Choose Your Desired Hair Length

While most people buy extensions to increase the length of their hair, it’s not the same for all. Some want to use extensions to increase their hair volume, cover their bald spots at the back of their head, or just do general styling.

Whatever your need be, know that hair extension are available in different lengths. You get to choose how long or short your additional locks can be.

4. Quality Matters!

It goes without saying that the quality of hair extension is of utmost importance. You are investing a lot of money in it so do not settle for low-quality extensions at any cost. If you can afford it, go for human hair too.

Lesser quality extensions are easy to spot and while some synthetic hair extensions can look good, they don’t look or feel as natural nor are they as durable as real human hair. Additionally, they cannot be dyed or heated.

5. Know What Products Your Hair Extension Requires

Hair extensions can be a high-maintenance affair. You cannot use the same old hair products you have been using for your natural hair. Therefore, buying a new set of products specifically for your extensions is recommended.

Most experts suggest buying sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners that are highly moisturizing to protect your extensions.


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