A RAYCOP survey suggests that around 84 percent of all Americans suffer from various allergy symptoms inside their homes. This is a concerning find, one that needs to be addressed. Thus comes the need to keep the air inside our houses clean and fresh, and that includes our living room.

Keeping the air inside a living room fresh and fragrant is an important part of keeping your home clean. A pleasant fragrance not only makes the room more comfortable but also keeps it smelling great for longer periods.

Keep reading to learn how to keep your living room smelling good throughout the week, no matter what season or climate you’re in.

#1 Keep the Windows Open

You can keep the air inside your living room fresh and fragrant by keeping the windows open for a certain time.

The ideal time to keep the windows open is in the morning when you are awake and active. This will ensure that you get enough fresh air into your home and enjoy a good night’s sleep. You should also make sure that no items are blocking any ventilators during these periods of opening or closing so that there isn’t an accumulation of stale air inside when you close up for bedtime.

#2 Use the Air Conditioner When Necessary

If you find yourself in need of a cool room, don’t be afraid to use your air conditioning Mandurah. Modern air conditioners are often more energy-efficient than fans and will help keep the air inside your home fresh and clean by removing dust particles from the air as it passes through the filter. If you have pets, this is particularly important since animal dander can irritate allergies and other respiratory problems like asthma.

However, it’s important to remember that an air conditioner comes with its own set of maintenance requirements. The filters should be cleaned regularly and replaced once every year or so, depending on how often they get dirty.

As reported by Euro News, air conditioners, no matter how energy efficient they are, can still harm the environment. Therefore, it’s best to limit its use as much as possible. Only use the AC when absolutely necessary.

#3 Spray Air Fresheners from Time to Time

Air fresheners are a great tool to use in the home, but they shouldn’t be over-used. You don’t want to saturate your living room with artificial smells. A good rule of thumb is to spray them once or twice a week to keep the air smelling fresh and clean without being too much.

Several different types of air fresheners exist, including candles and sprays that come out of bottles or cans with wicks on top. Candles can be expensive. However, they’re also highly effective at removing odors from rooms because they produce heat when burning, which helps eliminate the smells. The best option for most people will probably be an aerosol spray bottle containing alcohol-based ingredients like cedar oil or lavender extract. 

If you have a dog living with you, the air freshener might cause allergic skin diseases in your dog. Because of these skin allergies, you will notice that your dog’s itching is getting more intense. In such situations, you need to seek medical treatment. 

Taking allergy medications will help your dog easily recover from this health problem. Ideally, you should use Apoquel for dogs. However, since these are prescription meds, you can’t buy them directly off the counter. You must have a vet’s prescription to do so. 

#4 Sweep the Room Every Day to Get Rid of Dust

Sweeping is an easy way to keep the air inside your living room fresh and fragrant. Dust can cause several problems, including allergies, asthma, respiratory problems, skin problems, and more. In addition to being unpleasant for humans to breathe in, dust can also clog up a filter in the HVAC system, making it harder for your unit to do its job effectively.

Sweeping should be done daily if possible so that you don’t have piles of dirt building up around the house or on furniture surfaces where people sit most often over time.

According to the CDC, 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. Dust plays a big role in this high number of cases. Therefore, you must take the necessary measures to keep your living room and your house dust-free.

#5 Clean up Food Spills As Quickly As Possible

Make sure to clean up food spills as quickly as possible. If you can’t do it immediately, wait until the spill dries and then vacuum it up. If you have a dog or cat, wipe down their food bowls with a disinfectant after every meal so that they don’t leave behind more stains on your carpeting than necessary.

Keeping the air inside a room clean and fragrant is very difficult. However, if you stick to the tips discussed above, it won’t be that hard to ensure.