Known for its purification properties, wearing Turquoise jewelry will surely add to the strengths like serenity, positive thinking, openness towards love, and wisdom. Turquoise balances and aligns different chakras – the heart, eye, and throat chakra. Thus bringing a balance to your everyday lifestyle.

Also, it has this exclusive feature of promoting self-realization and assisting with a calm mind, leading to creative problem-solving. For those passing through a stage of depression or exhaustion, choosing Turquoise jewelry for yourself is a great way to elevate your lifestyle and attract that ultimate peace.

5 Tips To Elevate Your Lifestyle With Turquoise: The Gemstone Of Serenity

Known as the ‘gemstone of serenity’ and for its magical healing properties, wearing Turquoise jewelry is the best decision when planning to amplify your lifestyle. Also, you can keep it as a stone by any corner of your room and experience the best benefits. But how? Here are 5 tips to help you do so.

1. Wear Turquoise Jewelry To Elevate Your Style Game

The Turquoise gemstone is an absolute definition of peace and calm due to its cool tone in various shades of blue. Also, the particular is simple to look at. And comprises a ton of healing abilities, making your soul let go of things that add to the heaviness of your heart. You can sport it as earrings, bracelets, brooches, and pendants, marking your journey through spiritual realms.

2. Reap The Feng Shui Benefits

According to Feng shui, different parts of your house elaborate on different aspects of your life. That way, if you work from home, you have the office room connected to your career. Owing to the calming and grounding effect of the Turquoise stone, it will surely be a great addition to your home office. This particular will help you stay calm and focused at work. You can place two to three Turquoise stones in a bowl by the bedside table for the bedroom. This will help with restful sleep.

3. Use It To Meditate

You can always wear Turquoise Jewelry or keep a stone within the room while meditating. Turquoise is known for its ability to balance emotions and help you experience calming energy, besides staying grounded while participating in spiritual practices. Try and connect with the Turquoise stone daily as you meditate and slowly experience an abundance of positive energies.

4. Proceed In A Journey Of Self Healing

Mental tiredness, anxiety, and depressive thoughts will go away with time as you start wearing Turquoise Jewelry under the guidance of an astrologer. Also, the positive influence of the stone will help you connect with your true self and experience self-love. It eradicates the roadblock in the path of spiritual greatness, helping you experience the journey of self-healing.

5. Amplify Your Physical Strength And Metabolism

Whether you wear Turquoise Jewelry or keep it as a stone, it will help you tap the energy of water, acting as the lament of life. With time, you will achieve the objectives and work towards appropriate goal maintenance. Additionally, the stone is the most beneficial in fighting gastrointestinal disorders, viral infections, gout problems, and rheumatism. Wear it above the solar plexus (pit of the stomach) for the greatest health advantages.

Things To Remember Before Wearing Turquoise Stone

Abide by the guidelines below before wearing Turquoise stone to reap the best benefits.

  • Choose to wear Turquoise Jewelry between 5 a.m to 7 a.m on Thursday and Friday in Shukla Paksha for the best benefits.
  • People from the zodiac signs Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra, and Pisces can wear Turquoise stones as their best match.
  • If you are planning to wear a Turquoise stone ring, ensure it touches the skin of the index finger of the working right hand. As a wearer, this will help you reap all the positive energies from the stone.
  • The Turquoise stone jewelry offers maximum benefits when you team it up with silver. Otherwise, depending on your budget and personal preference, you can use multiple metals like panchdhatu, platinum, and white gold.
  • Besides mere purification, it is essential to energize your Turquoise gemstone to experience the full rewards.

How To Energize Your Turquoise Gemstone?

With healing crystals, intuition and intention do matter. Here are the various techniques about how to energize your turquoise gemstone.

  • You can keep your Turquoise gemstone outside under the moonlight with a positive intention for it to energize. If you are uncomfortable leaving your stone in the open, set it by the window overnight and let it absorb all the energy.
  • Hold your gemstone under cool water from the tap in your kitchen or bathroom for 30 seconds. While you have the water running, decide on an intention in your mind for a positive output on cleansing.


Turquoise Jewelry is a complete allrounder for you to invest in because of the natural healing factors and majestic aura. With time, you will slowly tap into the goodness of the same and eliminate all those roadblocks that were certainly hampering your pathway to success.