The effect of a waist trainer starts appearing right after you put it on. The waist trainers are designed to provide instant waist reduction with high compression materials and boning system. So, you must wear it properly to get desired results.

A waist trainer wraps around your waist to reduce your waistline and control your stomach & abdomen. It also hides back rolls and bulges as well as provides back support to relieve pain, protect spine and improve your posture.

5 Waist Training Tips for Beginners

The women who want to slim their body, are required to train their waist for several months. To avoid confusion, let me clarify that the waist training includes wearing a waist trainer, doing workout and eating healthy food on a regular basis.

The waist training is easy for me as I have been working in the fitness world for 10+ years. However, it cannot be easy to understand and adapt for beginners. Here I provide 5 effective waist training tips for beginners as follows.

#1. Find a Waist Trainer in Your Correct Size:

You must choose a waist trainer carefully, make sure that it matches with your natural waistline. First of all, you should take a tape measure and measure your natural waistline 1-inch above the navel without any cloth layer around it.

After measuring your waist, you should also refer the waist trainer size chart of your selected waist trainer. Thereafter you should choose the waist trainer size that is exactly the same or closest to your natural waist measurements.

#2. Wear Your Waist Trainer Regularly:

The beginners should keep in mind that the number of hours can be more or less but consistency is very important. You must wear your waist trainer regularly, wear it daily if possible. In case you miss a day, don’t worry, continue from the next day.

To get effective results, you should wear your waist trainer 5-6 days in a week. The waist training process is going to last for several months, so you should wear it in a way that doesn’t get you tired of it.

#3. Neither Too Tight Nor Too Loose:

Whenever I meet a woman who wants to start waist training, she asks me How Tight Should a Waist Trainer Be? and my answer is simple. A waist trainer should neither be too tight nor too loose, you should check it while wearing it.

A very tight waist trainer can cause discomfort, pain and breathing difficulties. On the other hand, a loose waist trainer can fold, slide, roll up or down and may not provide needed compression. So, you should wear it firm fit that is tight enough to reduce your waist and comfortable enough to allow long hours use.

#4. Increase Wearing Period Gradually:

As a beginner, you should start with wearing a waist trainer only 1 hour per day. After 3-4 days, you can increase it to 2-3 hours if you feel good with it. You should increase the wearing period gradually to reach 6-8 hours per day in 2-3 weeks.

You should never force yourself to wear a waist trainer longer if you don’t feel comfortable with it. You should understand that your body needs some time to adjust and be familiar with your waist trainer.

#5. Do Workout and Eat Low-Fat Food:

Wearing a waist trainer everyday is very important. It gives you instant results of an hourglass shape. But these results are temporary, you have to do a lot of workout and eat low-fat healthy food everyday to get a slim and attractive figure permanently.

You should learn and do belly exercises, core exercises, cardio exercises and strengthening exercises on daily basis. You should get a proper nutritious diet plan from a dietitian and follow it to make your body healthier in a few months.

Final Advice:

The beginners should opt for garage gym packages to make their training safe yet effective. Wearing a waist trainer too tightly or too longer from first day can hurt your muscles/bones and damage the waist trainer. So, follow my suggested tips to achieve an attractive figure with waist training.