What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Drink coffee? Go to the bathroom? No! You check your social media accounts to get updates.

This shows how much addicted we have become to social media. Well, is this addiction good or bad is another debate. However, do you have any idea which form of content is mostly consumed by people on social media? If you guessed ‘VIDEOS’, you’re a genius!

Yes, video is the form of content that is massively consumed by people on social media. You might have noticed in the past few years the rapid increase in the production of video content. 

It’s pretty evident why 87% of marketers have incorporated videos in their social media marketing strategy. Moreover, 84% of marketers are using videos on social media because they discovered video content to be effective at generating leads. In addition, 87% assert that videos improve their ROI.

Marketers who want to stand out in the market and get the proverbial peak need to know using videos is one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of the audience. Furthermore, videos help in connecting with your audience, building brand awareness, and, of course, multiplying your conversions.

Nowadays, creating videos is not a big deal. You can either use online video editing software or hire any video production company to complete this task for you. 

This has also led to the expansion of video content on social media platforms. As is evident, virtually all marketers use videos for advertising their brands. Every day, millions of videos are uploaded on social media networks. At times it’s become a little challenging to distinguish between well-produced and poorly made videos.

The ounce belongs to you. Remember, only the engaging, interesting, and educational content will stand out.

To help you out, we have listed five useful ways to create effective social media videos that stand out. So, let’s begin.

1. Choose Compelling Video Titles and Informative Descriptions

It might be a surprise to know that video titles and descriptions play a significant role in engaging the audience and piquing their interest. But, most marketers discuss and create titles and descriptions while keeping the SEO rules and regulations in mind. It’s always about optimizing video titles and their descriptions to boost rankings.

The title of the video and its thumbnail are two elements that capture the attention of the social media user. It is often considered that the title of a video can make or break it. Also, if you want to focus on SEO, ensure to add the right keywords in your video title and description. Try to come up with intriguing and attractive titles.

If you’re not a content expert, then it’s a great idea to hire a creative content writer for this specific task. Just ensure the titles you finalize are not monotonous and common. 

When it comes to description, don’t just blab. Provide some valuable information that describes the video properly. Before watching the video, almost every social media user first read the description to see if the video is worth watching or not. It helps in gaining a deeper understanding of the video.

These are the few practices that you need to follow when writing video descriptions:

    • Include your primary keyword in the description.
    • Explain how the video benefits the audience.
    • Add timestamps to the videos to make them more interesting.
    • Include links to more videos hosted on the same platform.
    • Don’t forget to add an explicit Call to Action (CTA) in the description.

2. Choose Eye-catching Thumbnails for the Video

Remember, you just have a couple of seconds to hook the audience, and you simply can’t afford to lose them. A thumbnail is just a small picture, more like an icon, but it plays a significant role in the success of your video.

If your thumbnail is impactful, the user will definitely watch your video. If it fails to impress, no one will watch your video. The thumbnail is of critical relevance to the users. They give enough information about the video for viewers to make a thoughtful selection, despite their size.

The thumbnail is of critical relevance to the users. They give enough information about the video for viewers to make a thoughtful selection, despite their size.

The thumbnail’s components can also serve to highlight brand identity. In addition, thumbnails offer a professional touch to your videos. Video thumbnails are crucial. Consequently, several social media networks will generate thumbnails from video clips.

The thumbnails picked automatically may not be the greatest representation of your videos. There are several free and premium software available for creating video thumbnails. 

Remember to add a unique touch to your thumbnails. Choose an emotionally powerful scenario as your thumbnail. If feasible, your thumbnail should feature a person displaying surprise or delight.

Use the image with the highest quality as your thumbnail. The typefaces and colors must be visually appealing. The thumbnail image must be clean, distinct, and straightforward. Lastly, never use deceptive claims, fake promises, or clickbait titles to attract users.

3. Carefully Pick the Video Style That Aligns with Your Niche

Two forms of video content are widely shared on social media, regardless of the niche. Let’s explore them briefly and discuss ways to make them interesting.

Explainer Video

These are brief videos that describe your brand, product, or service. Explainer videos also address the audience’s pain areas and how to resolve them.

This style of video provides the most opportunity to engage the viewer because you reveal what you do and how you aim to help your audience. If you choose this video style, ensure to identify the audience’s pain points and explain how your product or service can help them.

Moreover, an explainer video must be brief, concise, and understandable. Avoid cramming too many vital points into a single short video.

Tutorial Video

After viewing video content, 95% of the information is retained by users. People enjoy viewing tutorial videos for this reason. Tutorial videos are among the three most successful types of videos. By teaching the audience essential skills, you increase brand awareness, demonstrate your knowledge, and establish credibility.

You can create a compelling tutorial video by following the tips we have discussed below:

    • Be genuine and exhibit your individuality.
    • Keep the instruction straightforward so that everyone can comprehend it.
    • Before filming the video, create a screenplay/script and rehearse it to deliver your message perfectly.

4. The Core Ingredients for Creating Enticing Video Content

A lot goes into making a video successful. Below we have listed down some of the important ingredients that you need to add to create engaging video content. 

Social Media Video Strategy

It is difficult to increase social media traffic. Creating videos alone is insufficient. Every effective video begins with a sound plan.

Remember that the strategy is incomplete without technical components. This includes the filming, equipment, software, sound, and lighting, among other things. Include the following in the approach as well:

  • Investigate your target audience’s interests.
  • Define your video and overall social media marketing objectives.
  • Include suggestions, ideas, and inspirations for enhancing the videos’ appeal.

Duration of the Video

Regarding social media videos, one size does not fit all. The optimal duration of a video relies on numerous factors. Among these criteria are your desired platform, the audience’s choice, and your chosen niche.

Consequently, consumers will accept videos of any length so long as the video provides value.

Narrate a Story

When a message is woven into a tale, it is simple to touch someone’s heart. Displaying a product or discussing a service will not draw viewers on its own.

Every day, social media users are inundated with hundreds of videos. The effectiveness and potency of narratives in captivating an audience.

To engage with your audience on a human level, you must combine your message with a story.

Include a Call to Action

After seeing an interesting video, your audience will be in a fantastic mindset to hear what you have to say. Give them instructions on what to do and where to go next.

Instead of selling things through your CTA, offer solutions. Calls to action can be anything. For instance, it can persuade the audience to join a community for further information. 

You can also direct your audience to the product pages with the CTA that can address and solve their problem.

Exhibit Flexibility with Your Video Marketing Approach

A video that is popular on one platform may not do as well on another. Social networking sites have distinct criteria. Users of these sites also have varying tastes. Before you start making videos, you should be aware of these variances.

Optimizing video content for several platforms might be too time-consuming for some individuals. You can contact any video editing company and hire them to get the job done.

Once these videos are optimized for different platforms, you can then distribute them using social media management tools. 

The Key Takeaways

In spite of the competition, don’t be afraid to employ video in your marketing strategy. The era of video content marketing is just getting started. Brand recognition, consumer connections, and conversions can all be achieved through video.

Produce top-notch videos. It’s the only way to draw in more viewers and keep them interested. Keep in mind the five suggestions listed above, and put them into action. We can assure you that your video and brand will stand out from the rest thanks to them.