You work out to produce results, but some days those sessions fall flat, leaving you feeling unproductive and unsatisfied. You didn’t lift enough. Energy levels dipped, leaving you lagging. You may even struggle to catch your breath.

What made that day go wrong, and can you regain the vigor you need to tackle your workout goals? Success often hinges on more than what you do in the gym. It’s also about how you treat your body and establish exercise motivation. If you’re looking to go longer or work harder, implement the following steps into your next session.

1. Support Your Energy Levels

Don’t reach empty quickly. Instead, strive for steady, long-lasting energy levels. To accomplish this feat, consider your heart and cellular health. Help maintain its function and energy production. Take a daily CoQ10 supplement, a product that supports normal cellular energy and muscle function. After all, energy remains important to accomplishing your exercise tasks, and these tasks ask a lot of your cardiovascular system. Help it help you, and use a CoQ10 to support the cardiovascular system.

Fuel your body as well. Your body requires support from food. Are you headed to the gym on an empty stomach? Try eating something before you go. Give yourself a carbohydrate, protein, and fat lift by eating a piece of whole wheat toast with nut butter or paired with a hard-boiled egg. Skip on anything greasy, and think lean, clean eats.

2. Hydrate Days Before

Drink well before you exert yourself. Start filling your water bottle a couple of days before you push yourself. Pick a bottle you like, and make it a habit to start when you wake up (not halfway during the day). Set goals to drink a certain amount each day and find a simple way to keep track of your intake. Use rubber bands on the bottle to represent how often you fill it up or regularly refill it during each meal.

3. Make Sleep a Priority

Hit the gym or path with vigor and motivation, feeling refreshed and ready to take on a challenge. This mental and physical state may be difficult when you feel sluggish and tired. A good night’s sleep before you work out allows the body to recover from the day’s emotional and physical toll. Everyday Health emphasizes the significant role slumber plays in exercise success. The article indicates that during sleep, the body re energizes and repairs muscle: two vital components of the next day’s sweat session. Therefore, head to bed at a reasonable hour. This nighttime routine sets the tone for the next day and how well you may do in your workout.

4. Turn Up the Music

Do you start strong and fizzle midway through your cardio routine? Are you ready to quit halfway through a run, head back to chill and drink a cool glass of water? Give yourself a lift by playing music you love. Scientific American discusses how music offers a distraction. In fact, researchers stress that music may help with mood, focus and perseverance. Plug in a set of earbuds and keep on going if you want to try and go a bit further.

5. Workout With a Friend

There could be power in teaming up. Boredom could sneak into the workout, leaving you to call it to quit too soon. Instead, consider working out with one or more people. You can motivate each other with encouraging words or keep one another from focusing on the task.

For example, do you run alone? Find a partner, and get out and conquer the miles together. The time becomes more for catchup than a chore, and you may be willing to stick it out longer because it’s social time.

Don’t settle for mediocrity if you want to do more and push the boundaries. Retool your workout preparation and habits. Consider supporting your heart health and energy levels and discover methods that encourage you to stick with your goals.

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