When you start experiencing oily skin, it can make you miserable. It’s particularly prevalent during a person’s teenage years, but it can also be something you experience as an adult. Thankfully, there are products like oil control moisturizer available on the market to help you combat the problem. 

So, how do you know if it’s a product you need? Everyone has oil on their skin to a degree, but at what point does that tip over into having oily skin that needs treatment? Come with us now as we examine seven signs that you need to take action and invest your hard-earned cash. 

Signs You Need Oil Control Moisturizer

The symptoms you need to be aware of are easy to spot, as they appear all over your face. So let’s dig down to see seven obvious indications that your oil problem is out of control. 

#1 – You Need to Carry Blotting Paper

If you find yourself needing to carry blotting paper around with you to mop up the oil that’s appeared on your skin throughout the day – that’s a problem. If you have a shiny appearance when you don’t blot it away, there is no clearer indication that you have an excess oil problem that needs treatment.

#2 – Ongoing Breakouts Appearing

When you notice breakouts appearing on your skin with no apparent cause, it’s likely that the excess oil on the surface of your skin is leading to blocked pores (aka hair follicles). This does not happen by accident, and if you don’t control the oil on your skin, it’s only going to keep occurring. 

#3 – Your T-Zone Pores Are Enlarged

Another indication that you need to buy some oil control moisturizer for your skincare routine is when the pores in your forehead, chin and nose (Your T-Zone). This happens when the skin’s pores become blocked regularly, leading to them becoming stretched and misshapen. 

#4 – Your Skin Never Feels Dry

Healthy skin that’s not plagued with too much oil will rarely ever feel tight or dry. While your skin may feel greasy or moist when it’s too oily, it’s not likely to ever feel dry or tight. 

#5 – You Leave Marks On Walls & Cushions

The oil on your skin rarely stays there because it tends to rub off during the day on your clothes and on the things you sit on. And when you do, you’ll often leave greasy marks on walls, garments, sofas and anything else you might touch during the course of your day.  

#6 – Cleansing Only Solves the Problem For a Few Minutes

Another extremely annoying factor when dealing with oily skin is how it can seem to be oily within just a few minutes of you carrying out your daily cleanse. This can be avoided by switching to a more gentle cleanser, although a moisturizer with oil-controlling abilities will also help greatly.

Understanding the Need for Oil Control Moisturizer

A key part of having clear skin is understanding what kind of skin you have. Only by confirming to yourself exactly what kind of support your skin needs will you know whether any kind of skincare product is right for you…or not. 

Take a little time to research your skin type or visit a dermatologist, and they’ll be able to give you the lowdown on exactly what you’re dealing with.