User experience is essential for your business. An average of 88% of virtual shoppers say they wouldn’t return to a website that gives them a bad user experience. iBoost Web is a professional company that specializes in website design in Atlanta. Our web designers have years to ensure your website is outstanding and offers a positive user experience.

We focus more on the customer experience, and we design sites that solve the concerns and needs of your clients. We ensure your website offers visitors a great user experience. Some of the 6 proven ways to improve your website user experience for better experience include:

Easy Navigation

Your website should have an easy template that is simple to understand. The navigation menu must be intuitive and simple. Customers should have a simple time finding their way around your website. The best ways to make navigation easier are to plan the page structure, adhere to stipulated standards, adopt responsiveness, and separate the navigation from the other elements.

Loading Speed

Loading speed is integral to search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. If the page load time is slow, it will affect important metrics for your website, such as the user experience, search performance, and bounce rate. You can increase the loading speed by optimizing your images, minimizing redirects, and enabling browser caching.

Mobile-Friendly Website Designs

Most customers use their mobile phones to shop for products and find online services. Mobile-friendly sites help to boost sales and increase conversion rates. It also draws your customers to interact with your brand on all devices. Our team can help in creating a mobile-friendly and responsive design.

Create Engaging Content

High-quality content is one way to improve the user experience. To achieve SEO in Atlanta, you need to adopt a high-quality content strategy. The content you provide should tell a brand story and establish a valuable connection between your business and the clients.

Make Use of Non-Stock Images

Using a stock image on your website does not offer your customers original content or a great user experience. The photos appear inauthentic as they also appear on multiple websites. When incorporating the non-stock images on your site, ensure they are of high quality and relevant to your content.

Create a Custom 404 Page

Customers will get annoyed because of the constant 404-page error. If they get this message, it will discourage them from visiting your page again. As an SEO in Atlanta strategy, you must create a 404 page through the custom 404 templates. The method helps ensure the users know there is an existing error with their request. A 404 page helps recognize that error and direct them to other relevant pages on the website.

Website design in Atlanta helps achieve an effective user experience. We incorporate a cohesive approach that simplifies your web experience and offers value to website visitors and customers. It helps create a functional, relevant, and contemporary site. If you want to hire a reliable company for the best SEO in Atlanta then book an appointment with web designers at iBoost Web, who will help you incorporate the premium SEO strategies for your site.