Comic books are thrilling and fun if you select the best series. The Geiger series is an outstanding comic series with an intriguing plot that captures the attention of fans. Below is a list of top facts about the Geiger series and its writers.

1. The Setting Is Near Vegas

The primary fact that most Geiger readers and fans lack is the location of the shooting. The series’ creators had to modify the narrative from related content regarding the location. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank both center the narrative on Las Vegas experiencing criminal activities with factions fighting to gain control of the city. The series is packed with impeccable art, seasoned action, and compelling characters, leaving fans drooling about the plot development. The creator and writer took adequate time to select an ideal location for the tale and didn’t choose a nuclear war setting synonymous with most comic stories.

2. The Quality of Resemblance Between the Main Character and the Writer

Fans and readers may fail to notice this, as most enjoy the series without following the characters’ lives. Geoff Johns does a great job when drafting a compelling main character for the comic book. He uses personal experiences when molding the characters since they have several things in common. First, the main character and Johns are part-Arab. Additionally, Geoff Johns is a great father and the writer displays Geiger as an excellent dad too. The writer draws on his experiences when communicating about the main character’s love for the missing family.

3. The Writer Draws Inspiration From Distinct Places

Composing an intriguing comic series such as Geiger demands more effort than most think. The series writers source inspiration and combine information from distinct places to generate a flawless piece for the followers. The creator and the writer of Geiger drew inspiration from reputable and notable comics, including the 2000 AD, The Hills Have Eyes, and True Grit comic series. Fans can confirm such influences by assessing Geiger’s features, such as the storyline, violence, color palette, expressive art style, and brutality, among others. Other characters from Image Comics’ publisher also influenced Geiger’s story, with the creator drawing inspiration from Savage Dragon and Spawn.

4. Gary and Johns Have Worked Together Previously

Most fans aren’t aware that this isn’t the first time Geiger series creators have collaborated. They have multiple joint projects in the DC Comics franchise, each having unique roles in the project. The most reputable project with input from both creators is the Doomsday Clock, which has become a showstopper among comic readers and fans. With such prominence, one can only conclude that the future work of the two creators will be promising.

5. The Application of Image Comics

The creators, Gary Frank and Geoff Johns, opt for image comics to enhance their freedom of imagination. Their work, especially from DC Comics, including Superman and Supergirl, is well known. Nonetheless, the two creators employ image comics for varying reasons. The main reason for employing this approach is to enable creators such as Gary Frank to experience additional creative freedom. Additionally, they aim to display the willingness of the publisher to reinforce how creators express their overall imagination.

6. The First Issues Sold Out Fast

Readers of the Geiger comic were excited when the new story was published. The success of the reception made the first issue sell out swiftly following its debut. The third issue also sold out quickly, necessitating Image Comics to order a reprint. Though they love their work in the DC and Marvel universes, the Geiger creators wanted to create a new world and new characters that had not been explored in the past.

The increase in comic series fan bases globally produces an array of such works. Most people love comic series because they are engaging and help reduce boredom.