The global industry for online gambling is expected to increase significantly, with a value of $92.9 billion forecast by 2023. Whether you organically promote your online casino or buy traffic for an affiliate offer, you have every incentive to want to succeed in this niche. However, advertising for internet gambling might be difficult.

What exactly is gambling?

First and foremost, gambling does not solely refer to casinos and related games. It’s a vast industry with many facets, bursting at the seams with solutions in various formats and objectives. Lotteries, sports betting, slot machines, dice games, carnival games, and various other activities are all considered gambling. Even coin throwing is regarded as a form of gambling.

The rules are simple: you place a wager on a specific outcome that is ultimately unexpected. The most important aspect of the gambling process is complete openness — you either win or you don’t. As a result, the absolute honesty of gaming activity and all participants should be guaranteed.

The intricacies of legal requirements

Gambling is not generally tolerated or appreciated for a variety of reasons. At least not any longer. Even though Facebook and Google Ads don’t like gambling and look at and limit information about it in different ways, there is still a small space for marketing.

1. Using Facebook to promote gambling services

Entrepreneurs face some exceptions when it comes to the Facebook’s policy on advertising gambling that have to do with the gaming industry.

  • physical enterprises (brick-and-mortar casinos) 
  • marketing for social casinos
  • government-supported lotteries;
  • handicappers
  • games that are completely free to play

As you can see, there are ways to market gambling on Facebook without risking breaking any laws or regulations.

2. Using Google Ads to promote gambling services

Google’s gaming promotion policy is a little more detailed. To promote an online gambling platform or product, you must first be Google-certified. You can apply for certification and obtain a license by filling out an application. Even if all you want to do is promote a website that links to any gaming resource, you need that license. Then, use professional sportsbook software to create the perfect gaming platform for your players.

To market social casino games and non-casino gambling activities, you must first obtain certification. There are also country-specific constraints, which are many and best learned in full based on your specific region.

Advertising for brick-and-mortar businesses is, once again, permitted by default.

Even though there are some limits and it takes some work to promote on Google, this advertising channel is almost the most popular, even among gaming sites.

3. Regional restrictions are common

Apart from platform-specific limitations, there are also government rules that vary by nation. Situations like these may be very different in different parts of the world, so you should look into specific places.

The First Amendment Law can teach you about the prevalent limits in the United States. The Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom has advertising and marketing laws and regulations. When it comes to Asian countries and regions, specific facts must be found because things are very different in various places.

4. Pay attention to banner size and placement

Never underestimate the importance of the correct size and placement of your banner ads to establish effective advertising for your gambling site. Here are some banner guidelines that will help you create a good banner:


300x600px-Half Page

300x250px-Medium Rectangle

336x280px-Large Rectangle

You must make sure that your design is prominently displayed near the primary content and that it is the appropriate size. This will bring the viewer’s attention to it.

5. Keep the hierarchy in place

The appropriate mix of pictures on the screen is essential for effective ad banners. To raise brand awareness, you’ll need to watch your hierarchy. This will assist in increasing visitors to your website. To boost brand awareness, your online casino’s company emblem, for example, should be prominently displayed on the banner. A value proposition and a CTA  should also be included. These parts show what’s good about the product or service you’re selling and make people want to click on the text or button.

6. Keep Your Message Simple

Your audience will only pay attention to you for a few seconds. That means the message conveyed through your ad visuals must be clear and concise. A crowded banner will most likely be ignored.

7. Create a Sense of Urgency

The goal of your banner ad is to get people to take action. Otherwise, all of your hard work in creating your ad would be for naught. As a result, you must work hard to develop a sense of urgency among your target audience. Your banner ad should pique their interest enough to want to learn more about what you have to say and inspire a desire to buy whatever you’re selling. This isn’t simple, but it’s necessary for a successful gaming website.


To run a profitable business, you need strong advertisements. These advertising design tips will help you get as many people as possible to visit your casino website.