Modern-day fashion is all about comfort and well-being. Fashionistas and runway models have been seen sporting looks that make them confident and comfortable. Shoes are an essential part of fashion, completing an entire look. While fashionable ballerinas, heels, stilettos for girls and formal shoes for boys continue as a favourite, sports shoes, have also started to make a point.

Modern-day athleisure (in shoes) is not solely for your gym sessions or work days; it can do more. All you need to do is remember the sports shoes’ colour, pattern, and heel height. Voila!

9 Creative Ways To Style Sports Shoes With Casual & Party Outfits

For girls not into pointy heels and boys into formal shoes, wearing sports shoes to parties and casual outings can be the ultimate mantra. It will help you remain comfortable and easy to go throughout the day. So as a steady guide, here is a list of nine creative ways to style sports shoes with your party and casual outfits.

For Boys

Remember, style is personal, and one shall always prioritise their personal preferences to step out for a party.

  • You can always pair your black blazer and formal bottoms with white shoes. To amp up the game, create a combination of wine red coloured blazer, blue denim and white shoes.
  • If it’s an Indian function, sporting a sherwani with sports shoes will surely help you get the boy next door look. Do remember wearing the right shoe fit will help with seamless movements, thus increasing your confidence level multi-folds. Now, you can invest your full attention towards the guests at the party.
  • Coming to situations when you have plans for a casual brunch with your friends and before that, you have to complete your training. A nice and sturdy pair of sports shoes will help you with the entire day. For the clothes part, you can choose a nice single-coloured T-shirt, pair it with black/blue denim and end the look wearing the same shoes.
  • Also, athletic shoes are the best for conditions like a flat foot or problems with your heels as they offer the right cushioning. Team up those pairs with your formals, and you are good to go.

For Girls

As a girl, you can always say no to edgy heels and all that extra sandal height. Instead, wear sports shoes to stand out. Below is a list of looks you can try with your athletic shoes and outfits for a party or casual outing.

  • Classic white athletic shoes can never go wrong, team them up with your little floral dress, and yes, you are ready for the casual outing of the day. Coming to the colour of the entire outfit, you can always select to experiment with the patterns, prints and motifs of the dress. Based on the same work on your shoe appearance.
  • Considering party wear, the all-time favourite LBDs can never go wrong with the look redefined by your sports shoes. Also, if you are considering a silk-made maxi dress for the occasion, your all-day trainers can help complete the look, thus helping you ditch that pointy stiletto without compromising the style.
  • For winter days, pair your sports shoes with a typical skirt and sweater combo to remain safe from the cold while continuing to be in style. Try to build a contrasting look by keeping your outfit more towards pastel or subtle shades and the shoes vibrant.
  • When planning a semi-casual look, you can pair the sleek socks-style sports shoes with patterned pointed skirts, blazers, or office shirts. Determine if your workplace has a dress code and then select accordingly.
  • Lastly, you can combine velvet suits with comfortable athleisure shoes. Brands offer dynamic colour variations in the same, which you can select per your occasion and personal preference.

The Basics – Boys & Girls Inclusive!

Following a particular colour pattern when dressing up for a party or casual outing will help you get the perfect look. Here is a list of all the basics you need to take care of.

  • Shoes in white, black, grey and beige go with every attire. Because these are neutral colours, you can team them up with any type of outfit having a vibrant base. For example, brown-based beiges look cool with vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows.
  • You can pair up blue shoes with green, brown and neutral-coloured outfits to incorporate a relaxed and effortless appeal in your dressing style.
  • Gold shoes will help you make the outfit pop and look the best with dresses and wears in burgundy, vibrant blues or emerald greens.


Investing in the best sports shoes will make your day. It is more to help you with the basics of working out, running and easy movements, saving you from uncomfortable party shoe bites. Look at your shoe cabinet and choose a nice pair for your upcoming party or a casual outing.