Online casinos have many advantages over land-based establishments. They allow users to spend their time playing a variety of games from any location with internet access, receive nice bonuses from companies, as well as participate in large tournaments. For instance, having taken advantage of the Bluechip casino login,  users can fully enjoy all the features of the online establishment.

However, customers need to go through the verification procedure to have the possibility to withdraw their winnings. It involves the confirmation of the user’s identity. For this purpose, the gambler must provide documents that can prove the authenticity and accuracy of the information specified during the registration of a personal account in this gambling establishment. It should be noted that this procedure is also necessary to exclude the possibility of making a second account on the platform by the same player.

Verification: Basic Points

After registering with a particular casino, players from India can immediately make their first deposit, as well as enjoy welcome bonuses. However, when they want to withdraw funds, they will need to confirm their identity. This action is mandatory for absolutely every gambling user. The verification procedure should be completed by the player only once and it is necessary in order to prevent any type of fraud from the gamblers. For example, this is how companies control multi-accounting as well as clients who want to gamble without reaching the age of majority.

From the player’s point of view, the verification procedure in the casino may cause some inconvenience. However, it helps to ensure fair play. Thanks to it, online casinos make sure that customers are real people who do not violate their policies.

When is the Best Time to Complete Verification?

As we have already learned, verification is a mandatory procedure that absolutely all gamblers have to deal with. However, it can be completed at different times. The support service of the online casino sends the player the invitation to confirm the identity at the following points:

  • immediately after registration on the site;
  • before withdrawing the won funds;
  • when there is a suspicion of fraud.

Each online establishment has its own requirements regarding the timing of verification. If a player wants to know in advance when the verification of his identity is required, he can contact the support service for such information.

How to Complete the User Verification Procedure?

A gambler who wants to not just play but win money at an online casino and withdraw the winning must confirm his identity. For this purpose, the administration of the establishment sends a list of certain documents to the client, which he must provide. It is important to note that in order to pass verification, the client must confirm not only his identity but also his cell phone number, email address, and banking information.

The documents required to go through this procedure may vary from casino to casino. Basically, online establishments care about the convenience of players from India and other countries, so they offer several options for completing user verification successfully. Often, the list of documents looks like this:

  • proof of identity: passport or driver’s license;
  • bank card confirmation: a photo of the plastic card with the user’s initials visible.

Some users may encounter a situation when the administration of the project asks for a photo of a person with a passport or driver’s license in his hands, not just a scan of a document. This is necessary to ensure that the person in the photo is the same as the holder of the documents provided.

Once the user has collected all the necessary documents, he will have to upload them to his personal account at the online casino. It is important to note that this option is not available in some online establishments. In case a player from India faces an absence of such an option, he will need to provide documents to the project managers via online chat or email.

Requirements for Official Documents

Basically, users do not need to worry as verification is a fairly quick and easy process. However, the speed of verification often depends on the customer. If you want to confirm your identity as soon as possible, you should send to the support service only those photos or scanned copies of documents that are of good quality. It is also worth noting that to avoid problems with opening files, it is recommended to save them in JPG, PNG, GIF, or PDF formats. 

The client will not be able to finish the verification procedure if all the necessary information can be hardly read on the provided document contains. It also cannot be passed successfully by those users who want to play in the casino where the participation of players from India is not allowed.

Security of Personal Data

Many gamblers all over the world, including gamblers in India, are worried about the safety of their personal data. After all, they are afraid that unscrupulous companies will sell their data to third parties. However, all worries and concerns are in vain because when registering at a legal casino, the client receives a guarantee of the safety of his personal information. It is ensured due to the license obtained by the online establishment, as this document is issued only to those companies that operate strictly in accordance with the law.


Verification is an extremely simple procedure that is considered mandatory in each and every legal casino. Users go through it in order to confirm their identity and prove compliance with the rules of the company. This only requires providing a photo or scan of official documents to the support service or uploading them to their personal account. Having completed all the requirements, the players will be able to easily withdraw their winnings and fully enjoy all the features of the online casino.