By evaluating the present style trends dominating the men’s fashion scenario, it is crystal clear that western style is back in vogue and is here to stay as a powerful style indicator in 2023 and beyond. In the United States, especially for Gen Z and broad-minded younger millennials, the rugged western style has greatly influenced contemporary luxury menswear. The cowboy hat has been evolving through the ages, and today is available in several different materials and designs. They are an iconic Western fashion accessory, with cowboy belt buckles, and cowboy boots. The American fashion sense and style have been modified dramatically after the COVID-19 global pandemic. According to Forbes, there is a resurgence of the American nationalist spirit, and people are proud and happy to wear American. The western industry happens to be worth 70 billion dollars.

Understanding Cowboy Hat Etiquette

You may wonder what the best way of wearing a cowboy hat is. You may follow a few principles and rules associated with cowboy hat-wearing.

Examine the Bow before Wearing Your Cowboy Hat

Check out the small bow attached to the sweatband on the inner side of the cowboy hat. The bow should go back right up to the back of the head. Moreover, if a feather plume or buckle is under the band, ensure that it is placed strategically on your left side. Remember that the front of the cowboy hat is narrower than its back. You may look for the manufacturer’s label on the hat’s inner sweatband to place your cowboy hat properly on your head before stepping out.

Allow Enough Time for Breaking In

Even some of the most expensive and luxurious cowboy hats require adequate time to actually, break-in. Even the authentic western boots need time to break in. A well-fitted cowboy hat may seem too tight unless you wear it for some time. It requires a bit of getting used to the idea. Gradually, you would realize the ultimate comfort of wearing a cowboy hat.

Remove Your Cowboy Hat When Indoors

You must have watched the Western Hollywood movie classics. You should know by now that you may follow a few practices if you wish to flaunt your gorgeous cowboy hat. All cultured men should remove their hats before stepping into a private home or a public place. When you are indoors, you should remove your cowboy hat.

Place Your Hat Properly When Not in Use

You may be careful while placing your cowboy hat when it is not in use. If you are sitting down for dinner, it is best to place your cowboy hat strategically on its crown with the hat’s opening turned upwards for safeguarding the brim from getting flattened in the long run. Alternatively, you may consider hanging the hat on a hat rack. Always remember to take off your hat when entering a church or attending weddings or even funerals as a mark of respect.

Consider the Climate & Weather Conditions while Choosing the Type

Always wear a cowboy hat that complements the weather conditions or the climate. You may flaunt your cowboy hats from May till Labor Day to enjoy their coziness and comfort. You may wear felt cowboy hats all year round. You should always examine the weather and climate of the place you are in while wearing your western hat. Choose a perfect cowboy hat for the right season.

Show Respect by Tipping Your Cowboy Hat

It is customary to tip your cowboy hat to demonstrate your respect or acknowledge someone. In earlier times, men would tip their cowboy hats to exclusively women and not to other men. However, as per modern rules, you may tip your hat to other men as that is a polished and subtle way of acknowledging an important person.

Selection of Brands

You may be confused about whether to choose Resistol or Stetson. Today, you have access to multiple top hat brands, and you may choose according to your budget and other unique requirements. Let us evaluate some striking features of two of the top American hat brands Resistol and Stetson.


Resistol follows the principle, “We Live It Every Day.” They are based in Garland, Texas, and have been a seasoned campaigner in the world of hats. They will be a century old in 2027. Resistol is a well-known hat brand and is involved in distributing more than one million cowboy hats each year.

Striking Features: 

  • Almost ubiquitous in Texas the brand manufactures all its felt cowboy hats in the U.S.A. and never outsources labor.
  • The brand usually, offers free shipping on all orders within the United States and above 100 USD


Stetson and Resistol cowboy hat brands have the same parent company. Their hats stand out from their competitors in terms of quality and style. Stetson hats are fashion-forward and modern. These hats are targeting cowboys going to saloons instead of gunslingers. Stetson cowboy hats have been around much before Resistol hats. They are stalwarts in the U.S. hat industry because of their exhaustive inventory and diverse catalog. They make cowboy hats, baseball hats, denim outwear, boots, fedoras, and accessories. You may choose from straw, felt, cloth, or leather hats.

Striking Features:

  • A contemporary twist to Cowboy hat features and overall aesthetics
  • They usually, offer free ground shipping within the U.S.A. on all orders above 175 USD.


Now that you know how to wear your cowboy hat and what brands to choose from, you may take the final plunge. Discover the pleasures of Western dressing amidst contemporary settings. Be ready to steal the show.