With the price of room and venue hire having significantly increased in the last few years, not to mention the price of drinks and catering packages, it is not surprising that people of all ages are deciding to hold their birthday celebrations at home instead.

So, if this sounds like a plan for you, then here is a comprehensive guide to throwing your own birthday party at home this year.

Send Invites as Soon as Possible

Annoyingly, the culture of today is such that people are generally far more willing to cancel plans in favor of another, or else make a weak excuse as to why they cannot be bothered to attend.

It is for this reason that you should endeavor to distribute your birthday party invitations as soon as possible and send real-life invitations through the mail, rather than through social media, as the latter can be far easier to miss.

Plan Fabulous Party Games

Regardless of whether most of your birthday party attendees are adults with young children or not, arranging fun and accessible party games is a great way to ensure there is no lull as the afternoon transcends into the evening.

Fortunately, there is a myriad of party games which are perfect to play with members of your family and close friends alike, all of which are family-friendly and, therefore, great to play with younger children too. Just some of these games include the following:

  • Post-It Note Game
  • Charades
  • Cranium
  • General Knowledge Quiz
  • Music Lyrics Game
  • Articulate Board Game

Take the Stress Out of the Day.

Another incredibly important thing to remember when planning your birthday party is that the less stress and fewer obligations you create for yourself on both the lead-up to the party and on the day itself, the better. It is, after all, your birthday.

One fantastic way to alleviate said stress is to look into hiring birthday event bartenders, who can not only come to you, be that in your home or indeed if you decide to hire a venue, but will also provide exactly the types of drinks you want to ensure your party goes off with a bang.

Other ways to make sure you can enjoy your own birthday party is to recruit close family and friends to help with the organization, as well as ask one or two of them to come over earlier on in the day to help clear and clean the appropriate rooms ready for the evening.

Choose the Guest List Carefully

When planning a birthday party in a hired venue, or the back room of a pub or restaurant, it is less of a concern as to whether every guest will naturally mingle and bond, as the room is larger and people will naturally migrate outside, to the bar or their own groups.

However, at a birthday party in your private home, the dynamic of the people you invite becomes much more important and it is, therefore, advisable to think carefully about who you intend on inviting and whether or not they will ‘gel’ together.