Towing is an important sector with many helpful service providers who provide safe and efficient vehicle transportation solutions. They provide trustworthy assistance with breakdowns, car accidents, and other roadside concerns. Sadly, there is a less than honest side to towing, known as predatory towing. 

In an unlawful towing case, the towing predator aims to exploit someone by taking their automobile without a warrant, direct dispatch, or other properly requested services. It essentially holds the vehicle hostage, sometimes for absurd amounts of money. They have been known to use misleading signage and other deceptions to either trick or convince drivers that they have parked illegally. Visit this page to learn more about what you can do if you have been a victim of unlawful or predatory towing. 

With used vehicle prices growing in today’s market, a predatory towing company’s purpose is no longer just to collect outrageous fees – it is to gain control of your vehicle and sell it. It is essential to stay informed about the dangers of predatory towing and to know what to do if one of these situations arises. 

Tips for protecting against unlawful towing 

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your vehicles and drivers from these incidents. These are several precautions that drivers can take to reduce the likelihood of predatory towing: 

  • Inform your drivers about local and state parking and towing laws. 

The first step is to inform your drivers of all applicable parking and towing regulations at the local and state levels. This understanding helps drivers avoid the risks of parking illegally and incurring unnecessary fees. They should also be informed of their legal rights to access their vehicle in the event of a tow. Predatory towing regulations differ by state and jurisdiction within each state, so visit your government’s DOT website for more information. 

  • Be wary of parking and towing signs in unfamiliar areas. 

Your drivers must know all local signage for lots, walkways, and driveways before parking a fleet vehicle in an unknown lot or site. Towing vehicles is justified for various reasons, including blocking an emergency access route or a fire hydrant or at the request of a property or business owner. In aggressive towing scenarios, however, simply one inch of encroachment in an access route is enough for a car to be towed. To reduce the possibility of parking illegally, obey all posted signage at properties. 

Keeping drivers informed about industry developments protects not only your vehicle assets but also their safety. If you have been a predatory or unlawful towing victim, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyers Halifax immediately.