Havelock Island’s absence of urban development is perhaps one of the most remarkable features of the island. The island has a relatively least dense population, allowing you to get as near to wilderness as possible without actually visiting another metropolitan metropolis, which you are most likely seeking a holiday from.

Narrow streets amidst lush tropical rainforests with unusual plants or vast strips of farms are covered in the greenery of grain and paddies, mixed with a startling leap of clear open seas on the side of the street, making Havelock Island one of the greatest destinations to visit by rental bike.

How to reach Havelock 

Havelock is well connected with all the nearby tourist hotspots of Andaman Island. The much more comfortable way to travel to Havelock is by water. Private and state ferries operate from neighbouring islands (Port Blair and Neil Island). Private ferries, on the other hand, are easy to schedule and therefore do not require standing in line; they may be booked online for a straightforward and anxiety-free voyage. A ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island is a must when you plan to visit Havelock.

If you are planning a tour to Andaman Islands from Bangalore then first you will have to reach Port Blair in a flight. Direct flights from Bangalore to Andaman Islands are available on  a daily basis. The flight will take approximately 2 Hours 30 Minutes to reach Port Blair. Once you reach Port Blair you will have to spend a night at Port Blair and then take the ferry next day to Havelock Island. Here at Havelock Island you can spend good time to enjoy the pristine beauty.

Likewise for any other city in India. First you will have to reach Port Blair and then reach Havelock Island on a ferry.

When to visit 

Havelock Island should ideally be explored between January and May, as the climate is ideal for diving as well as other sports.

Top things to do in Havelock 


Havelock is noted for having one-fifth of India’s total mangrove cover, in addition to its dream-like white sandy beaches. Experience the island’s wildness by kayak, listen to the birds sing, and discover tranquilly as you row your kayak surrounded by woods. You might even go night kayaking in Havelock and marvel at the wonders of nature as you view the brilliant bioluminescence with each paddle stroke.

Snorkelling at Elephant Beach 

Elephant Beach is perhaps the most travelled beach on Havelock after Radhanagar, owing to its water activities like snorkelling, sea walking, and parasailing. Other activities provided include Jet Ski rides and glass bottom boat excursions. This beach may be reached by foot or by boat.

Trekking in the Jungle

Havelock has a number of paths that have been designated as suitable to explore. Havelock will never cease to amaze you as you go into the forest canopy and explore undiscovered passageways. It is usually a good idea to notify the local police station about your journey and get authorization because you may unintentionally end up trespassing in designated woods.

Radhanagar Beach at Sunset

This coastline is recognised as one of the greatest in Asia, ranking seventh. It is India’s greatest beachfront and has received plaudits for its beauty. This gorgeous white sandy beach is the most popular leisure spot on Havelock Island. On the beach, the sunset is pretty enticing, and you spend your evenings there appreciating it.

Sport Fishing

Cruise in a private yacht over the Andaman Sea’s crystal blue waters in search of a catch. Drop your line and reel in a variety of fish while having fun and enjoying the ocean spray. Even though you had to return the fish to its rightful place, it was still an experience!

How long do you need for Havelock?

We recommend that you reserve at least three days for Havelock. This is great for enjoying Radhanagar beach, scuba diving, exploring eateries, and trying out unusual activities like night kayaking and trekking.

For a package to Havelock Island you will need to come to Andaman Islands for at least 5 days. During your 5 days trip to Andaman you can stay at Havelock Island for 4 days and enjoy all the above said activities and things to do. During these 5 days you can easily cover the top attractions and activities at Havelock Island namely Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar beach, Elephant beach, Scuba Diving and many other activities that might be of interest to you for your trip to Havelock Island.

Havelock provides a wide range of activities to satisfy all preferences. Whether you like to spend your time game fishing or diving to discover the beautiful jewels of the water. There are even options for marine walks and glass-bottom boat rides to see the incredible undersea environment. This is just the overview, on visiting the Havelock every moment will be begged with different experiences in totality.