The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of body massage as a treatment for chronic low back pain. The authors used primary statistical analysis. They found that moderate massage pressure reduced pain. This is because the pressure stimulates pressure receptors in the body. These receptors transmit pain-reducing signals to the brain. Researchers have long been interested in the effectiveness of massage for back pain. But how do we know that body massage works?

Body massage is an effective treatment for chronic low back pain

In two previous reviews, results of body massage as a treatment for chronic low back pain were compared to placebo-controlled trials, which had lower methodological quality. Moreover, the effectiveness of massage was not systematically assessed. Nevertheless, the current review included studies that examined the effectiveness of body massage for chronic low back pain. The main finding of this review is that massage is effective in treating chronic low back pain.

The study design of the current trial will minimize potential bias among participants. Each massage method will be administered to the same group, but participants will not be aware of which method is better. Additionally, telephone interviewers will be blind to treatment assignment. Lastly, the participants’ health care utilization will be evaluated. The study will include all visits to medical providers and hospitalizations related to back pain.

Results of primary statistical analyses to determine if the effects of body massage are beneficial for patients with chronic low back pain included the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications and mental health. Massage was also significantly effective in reducing limitations in activity and using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, the benefits of massage therapy were seen at least 6 months after the study ended.

While it is still difficult to draw definitive conclusions about the benefits of body massage, several studies have shown positive effects of this therapy. For example, Zebrowska et al. found that massage decreased the levels of lactate in the blood, a factor that may be responsible for pain. This effect was statistically significant, but the magnitude of the change is unclear, as the studies compared participants with and without massage.

The results of these studies suggest that therapeutic massage can reduce the amount of anxiety and avoidance associated with pain. It may also increase the ability of people to accept and manage pain. It also increases a person’s overall well-being. These results are encouraging and should motivate massage practitioners to increase the effectiveness of their services. In addition, massage may help prevent chronic pain, which is a symptom of other conditions.

The authors identified 38 reviews evaluating the effectiveness of body massage treatment. Eleven systematic reviews included similar interventions. The most commonly included interventions were complementary and integrative medicine, noninvasive treatments, aromatherapy, and massage. Conservative treatments included silicone gel application, ultrasound, pressure therapy, hydration, and combinations of therapies. This review found that there were no reviews that found massage to be more effective than placebo. So, what should we do next?


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