BK8, introduced itself in 2015, as one of the most cutting-edge online casino platforms. Since its debut, BK8 has been the most reputable and favored online casino application among Malaysian casino players as well as those from Singapore, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Confidentiality is maintained at all times in BK8. As BK8 uses 128-bit encryption technology to safeguard gamers’ Techlogicagte personal information at all times. Players must additionally comply with the system’s demands for two-factor authentication in order to continue using the application.

Moreover, BK8 offers players a great assortment of slots, online casinos, and wagering games. Live sporting events and poker, slot machines, fishing games, and lotteries are just a few examples. A strategic alliance with regional firms that produce well-known casino and betting games resulted in the broad game selection that BK8 members can access.

With great success, Huddersfield Town, Burnley F.C., and Crystal Palace F.C. are BK8’s official partners in the Premier League. In addition to that, BK8 has established its own mobile application that works with both iOS and Android devices. Mobile betting apps like BK8 make it easy for players to place wagers whenever and wherever they like Marketbusinessfacts.

Hence, this article aims to shed light on the legitimacy of online casinos, the types of online casinos that support eWallet transactions, and the benefits of choosing an online casino that supports eWallet transactions Businessworldfacts.

The Legitimacy of Online Casinos in Malaysia

Some of the most trusted online casino platforms are BK8 Malaysia and 96M Malaysia. In terms of BK8’s legitimacy, Black Hawk Gaming & Development Co. Inc., a reputable game developer, has issued BK8 an operational gambling license that is currently active.

It is of the essence for players to carefully choose an online casino that is legal due to the following reasons:

Rigged Lottery Results

Based on a player’s experience with an infamously known online casino platform, the player suggests the results of the lottery might be rigged. The player explains that the results of the lottery went against astronomical odds despite repeatedly choosing the right numbers. Further, the player then concluded that the incident occurred frequently for the lottery, to be honest.

Casino Withheld Earnings

Some illegal online casinos that operate do not permit players to withdraw their own money after winning the lottery.

Limited Game Selections

Players can only bet on sports tickets, football, and ‘impaired’ slot machines limiting the choice of wagering activities. A limited or poor range of game selections in casino platforms is an indicator of an illicit operating online casino.

Legit Malaysian online Casinos that support eWallet Transfers

When it comes to gambling sites, BK8 is one of the few that accepts eWallet transfers. Furthermore, the Touch ‘n Go deposit bonus offered by BK8 is a tempting deal for new customers.  BK8 awards its first-time players with a sizable bonus that is worth up to 150% of the player’s initial deposit.

To take advantage of these promotions, new players must make a minimum deposit of MYR50. As soon as the player satisfies the deposit criteria, BK8 will credit their account with the amount. Additionally, players must have at least $25 in their casino account balance to be eligible for these bonuses. Also accessible from the drop-down option are bonus codes.

If a player happens to register for a VIP membership, they will receive a greater bonus. This is a terrific benefit for brand-new players of BK8. The player’s balance has the potential to increase daily as a result of the offer, terms, and conditions applied. Also, the player will receive an increasing number of perks as they advance in the VIP levels.

In case the player has difficulties comprehending the deposit and bonus requirements, they can contact BK8’s 24-hour customer service. Simply clicking the link in the screen’s lower right corner will enable this. BK8 offers the option of emailing its customer care when a player requires to necessitate a longer text to get the answers they need.

Benefits of Online Casinos that Support eWallet Transactions

BK8 is a primary supporter of eWallet transactions, specifically DuitNow QR under Touch’N Go. BK8’s vision of embracing the eWallet deposit mechanism is to enable rapid deposits and withdrawals for all players on the online gambling platform. Further, eWallets like DuitNow QR are easily accessible by players via their mobile devices.

Furthermore, eWallets are a third-party choice for money management that is preferable to online banking. Simultaneously, eWallets are gradually becoming more popular because of the favorable press they have received for enabling safe and secure transactions. Most experts agree that e-wallets are safer than bank accounts. Through digital wallets, the gaming company is not given access to the player’s personal data. Instead, it generates a QR code that serves as a “virtual card number.”

Also, since e-wallet transactions are frequently processed more rapidly than bank transfers, they may be more practical for players of BK8 and are utilized by a far larger number of people than direct bank transfers.

BK8 has adopted the Touch’N Go, DuitNow QR payment to reduce transaction costs and simplify the process as much as possible when it comes to online payments. Members who have made deposits with Touch ‘n Go have benefited from higher payouts and more significant winnings as a result of this innovation.


In short, eWallet deposits are a form of payment that is highly preferred by BK8. Due to their simplicity, eWallets are a widely used payment method compared to internet banking. Furthermore, the eWallets that BK8 provides make it convenient for clients to fund their accounts for a multitude of BK8’s online casino games. Slot machines, live casinos, poker, Roulette, and many more games fall into this category. So, then, why do you linger? Head over to BK8’s official website to seamlessly deposit your funds with DuitNow QR payment and stand a chance to win bonuses. Terms and Conditions apply.