Are you looking for comfortable, long-lasting, and cruelty-free shoes? Then vegan footwear is the ideal choice for you.

Vegan footwear is created from materials devoid of leather, wool, or any other animal products. Instead, they are made of synthetic materials like polyurethane (PU), rubber, and other plant-based or recycled materials like canvas or recycled rubber. The top vegan shoe brands include vegan leather boots, sneakers, heels, clogs, and much more.

Finding a brand that employs ethical materials while providing you the same look and feel as leather might be challenging because the majority of high-end businesses provide genuine leather products. But don’t worry! Various new shoe-making businesses have taken notice of how much more conscious we’ve all become and now offer products like vegan leather shoes for men and women.

What Are Vegan Shoes?

In simple terms, Vegan shoes are those shoes that are created without using any animal materials or by-products. No animal skins, including those from snakes, alligators, or other species; leather, suede, wool, or fur; or adhesives made from animal products. Technically, a shoe is called vegan if it doesn’t include any animal components. Beyond that, though, a lot of vegans seek shoe companies that follow moral business principles, are environment-friendly, and make use of conscious manufacturing.

List of Top Vegan Footwear Brands

Dr. Marten’s Vegan Shoes

Doc Martens Vegan collection offers a range of vegan footwear, that include traditional lace-up boots, platform boots, oxford shoes, and gladiator sandals, which is known for its quality and durability. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors that cater to your individual style and preferences. 


Birkenstock, the renowned brand for comfortable and stylish footwear for men, has always been a popular choice among fashionistas and comfort seekers alike. With their Vegan Collection, they have taken a step towards sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. The collection boasts a stunning range of vegan leather boots that are not only cruelty-free but also chic and trendy. 

Made from high-quality microfiber, these boots come in a wide array of colors and patterns to suit your individual style. The use of jute, cork, and synthetic EVA material ensures durability, comfort, and flexibility. Whether you are heading to work or a casual outing, Birkenstock’s Vegan Collection has got you covered with their stylish and sustainable footwear options.

What’s more, the brand occasionally offers special deals and discounts on their Vegan Collection, making it a great opportunity to add some ethical and eco-conscious fashion to your shoe collection without breaking the bank. The Birkenstock Vegan Collection is not only a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability but also to their innovative approach towards fashion.


It is an OG brand that has been around for quite a while. You can find shoes for men, women, and children at an affordable price! We appreciate the fact that they have an exclusive, cruelty-free OTT wedding collection. Having both casual and more upscale options is also a plus.

Achilles’ Heel

Achilles is another vegan shoe company that only makes custom footwear for men. Achilles is a designer company that also sells ready-to-wear items. Their selection is broken down into seasonal collections based on the weather. For instance, spring/summer features soft, earthy hues and airy flip-flops and sandals. If you specifically want designer shoes, you must check out this brand because it is highly upscale.

Paio Footwear 

For people who wish to be “responsible” while still appearing attractive, Paio, a footwear company based out of Mumbai, makes some gorgeous pairs of shoes! These products are a must-have since they are handcrafted, vegan, and just oh-so-beautiful! The company has been experimenting with various textiles, plant-based leathers, mushroom leather, and other natural types of leather. Ever since their foundation back in 2016, they make sure that anything you wear or flaunt is stylish and 100% cruelty-free.


If you’re seeking high-quality vegan shoes, whether loafers, slip-ons, or classic Oxford lace-ups, Monkstory is the place to go. They are constructed of synthetic leather, which is more durable than real leather, and don’t use any animal products in their production. The use of synthetic leather in their shoe construction makes Monkstory shoes more durable than traditional leather shoes. 

Cai Store

The Cai Store is the ideal location for you if you want a modern contemporary design with a Chic look. This women’s shoe brand not only makes excellent, handcrafted shoes but also stays away from the leather. These fashionable yet functional sneakers are a need for any ensemble.

If you’re thinking of making the move to a more sustainable lifestyle, choose high-quality vegan footwear from your favorite brand and stand out from the crowd!