The engagement ring is a ring worn by those who are engaged to be married, especially in Western cultures. Engagement rings are given as gifts by couples to their prospective spouses when they propose marriage or shortly after accepting the marriage proposal. Represents a formal agreement regarding future marriage. in western countries, Most women wear engagement rings. And the ring can be decorated with diamonds or other gems. The neologism ” mangagement ring ” is sometimes used for engagement rings worn by people. It is not uncommon for men and women to wear matching rings, and engagement rings may also serve as wedding rings in some cultures. There are many places around the world where customs are very different. The ring is normally worn on the left-hand finger ring in the sphere.

An engagement or other ring is not worn during the wedding ceremony. When the groom wears a ring on the bride’s finger as part of the ceremony. and sometimes the bride touches the groom’s finger. It is customary to wear the engagement ring outside the wedding ring after the wedding.

Unique and Custom engagement rings in Canada

These days, there are so many engagement rings to choose from, sweet designs, and pastel colors for the sweet bride who likes diamond rings in a sweet style. Cute and adorable. The Canadian brand Linara is the perfect choice for anyone who cannot decide between classic and modern style engagement/wedding rings.

Custom engagement rings in Canada feature a wide range of sweet designs, all of which have a vintage aesthetic. A modern and classic engagement ring with a minimalist design. The ring also brings out the beauty of nature. Vine-patterned petals, leaves, fern leaves, etc., mixed with sweet-colored gemstones. In addition to being a symbol of commitment and everlasting love, unique engagement rings made by Linara are super cool if girls can wear them with a chic hair clip whenever they want.

Linara Three Promises

  1. Lifetime Warranty: Each step of production should be closely monitored. We take pride in every piece of jewelry that we make, so we are happy to care for it throughout its lifetime.
  2. High-Quality Jewelry: We guarantee the quality of every piece of jewelry. GIA standards are followed when picking diamonds and state-of-the-art technology is used to produce them.
  3. Top-Notch Service: Our customers are our most important asset. From the beginning of the journey until the ring is delivered to your hands, we want everyone to be happy and smile.

To create your elegant and stunning pieces of jewelry, we choose only the most highly skilled and trusted Canadian jewelers. To ensure a perfect match to your vision, we use the latest technologically advanced techniques. A sophisticated or complex piece of jewelry can be created using CAD/CAM technology; with our advanced precision tools, such as optical microscope setting, your gem will be secured for long-lasting wear that will be cherished for generations.