Since Alisson Becker joined Liverpool in 2018, the club’s defence has become significantly more reliable and effective. Although the Brazilian goalkeeper had previously shown his talent and skill at previous clubs, it was his move to Anfield that really brought his ability to the spotlight. To assess and understand the impact that Alisson has had on Liverpool’s defence, this article will take a statistical look at his performance since his arrival. It is immediately evident that Alisson’s signing has had a positive effect on the team’s defensive performance. Before Alisson joined Liverpool, digitalpinas the club had an average of 1.3 goals conceded per match, however, since Alisson’s arrival, this figure has dropped to 0.9 goals per match. This is an improvement of 30%, which is a remarkable achievement and further highlights the importance of having a reliable goalkeeper. Moreover, Alisson’s presence has also seen an improvement in the team’s clean sheet record. Before his arrival, Liverpool’s clean sheet record was 27.3%, but since his arrival this has improved to 39.3%. This is a huge 12% increase and shows that the team has become much more organised and disciplined at the back when Alisson is present. Alisson has also improved Liverpool’s performance when it comes to saving shots. Before his arrival, the team had an average of 66% saved shots, however, since his arrival this figure has risen to 73%. This is a 7% improvement and further shows that Alisson is a reliable shot-stopper. In conclusion, Alisson’s impact on Liverpool’s defence cannot be understated. He has improved the team’s average goals conceded per match, as well as their clean sheet record and shot-saving performance. These are all impressive achievements and provide further evidence of Alisson’s quality as a goalkeeper. It is clear that with Alisson in goal, Liverpool have become a much more organised and reliable defensive unit Result.