Having a fuller pout is something that doesn’t go out of fashion. Some people are born with thinner lips and others lose their volume with time. Dermal fillers have been a popular treatment for lip augmentation. Lately, lip flip in Toronto has become increasingly opted for treatment. This non-surgical approach to lip augmentation makes use of Botox to help one achieve subtle enhanced results. Lip flip is the treatment that everyone has been talking about. You must’ve heard it but might not know a lot about it. Knowledge is key. We are here to tell you about this treatment to help you make an informed decision about the same.

How does the lip slip work?

Lip flip is a fast non-surgical cosmetic treatment that helps one achieve fuller-looking lips. Botox is used for the treatment. When it is injected into the lips, the upper lip turns outwards which increases the visibility of the mucosal tissue or the pink part of the mouth. As more mucosal tissue is exposed, the lips appear fuller. This helps to achieve enhancing results, without any stitches or scarring.

What happens during the treatment?

The Lip flip treatment is simple and can be done quickly during the lunch break. During the treatment, Botox is injected into the superficial layers of the muscle outside the lip borders. For this, a very fine needle is used. As there is a reduction in superficial muscle movement, the deeper lip muscles maintain their movement. Each targeted fibre receives a small amount of Botox which is around one to two units. As it is a baby Botox dosage, the results are short-lived. The product begins to wear off within 4 to 6 weeks. After which, you will have to repeat the treatment to maintain the results.

What is the difference between Lip flips and Lip fillers?

Lip augmentation is also known as lip fillers. This treatment makes use of dermal fillers which have hyaluronic acid as their base. When injected into the lips they add volume and contours. The results from the filler last for about 6 months. After which, HA is broken down by the body and absorbed.

On the other hand, in lip flip neuromodulators are used. No volume is added to the lips. It works by reducing muscle movement temporarily. When the neuromodulator is injected into the upper lip, there is a downward relaxation, which causes the lip to flip and curve back.

Why should you choose to undergo a lip flip?

Deciding to undergo any cosmetic treatment is never easy. You might find yourself confused about which treatment to choose. Choosing to undergo the lip flip can help you achieve the slightly poutier mouth you’ve dreamt of. It is an excellent choice for those who have thinner upper lips. The results are temporary. If you don’t like them, the botox will dissolve in about 6 weeks. A lip flip is an ideal option for enhancing and perking up your lips without increasing their size.