The pressure washing machine can be used for a variety of cleaning activities.In this article, we will look at what pressure washing machines are, their various functions depending on what is available on the market, and, most importantly, the price variations and where these useful machines can be purchased.

Moreover, we will look closely at how to use these machines for daily tasks and how to maintain them.

You’ve probably had a tough time removing stains through traditional washing and scrubbing with soap, detergents, and water. It is time to look for a pressure washing machine, also known as a pressure washer. When you need to remove tough stains and dirt, you must use this washing machine.

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How a pressure washing machine works

A pressure washer is used to clean muddy vehicles, pavements, roofs, mold, and a variety of difficult-to-reach surfaces.

When the trigger on a pressure washer is pulled, a mixture of air and water is mixed and released in a nozzle at such a high speed that the stubborn dirt is pushed out.

The pressure washing machine explained.

A pressure washer uses either hot or cold water that is mixed with air and released through the nozzle. The pressure washer’s jets are so powerful that they are estimated to be 95 percent stronger than atmospheric pressure. In other words, most are 1400 psi and use approximately 5 liters of water per minute .

Pressure washing machine price

Many factors influence the pressure washing machine price in Kenya. Wattage, horsepower, liters per minute, cleaning power, electric motors, size, and longevity are examples of these factors. Furthermore, prices may vary depending on the brand and the importation rate of the dollar vs. shilling.

What to look for when buying a pressure washing machine

When purchasing a pressure washing machine, the price is a very important element. As a result, it is critical to consider the device’s size, which will indicate how much work you can do with it. The machine’s longevity is also important, as it should be worth every amount of money invested as you do your job.

How to maintain the machine

Pressure washer machines are built to last and to perform reliably. However, as with any machine, you must consider the following factors;

Clean dirt off the machine after use and store it in an enclosed space, such as your garage, for a short-term storage of two to three weeks.

For long-term storage (two to three months), ensure that the tank is always filled with fuel and that the fuel stabilizer is present .

You should also perform scheduled maintenance in accordance with the owner’s manual.


When you are ready to invest in the pressure washer machine, there are several great brands to choose from. You can go to wholesale shops to save your money, or you can shop online; the choice is yours. It is an excellent machine in your home; purchasing one will not be a regrettable decision.

I am hopeful this information is useful. Have a wonderful shopping experience!