Amazon is the biggest e-commerce website through which you can sell your products globally. Reaching to the people who are eagerly looking for similar products should be your target. Amazon helps you in achieving that. You can sell your products via Amazon in two ways; via Seller central and Amazon Vendor central. In this article we will find out the advantages and disadvantages of both of these fields. Go through this article and you will understand which selling platform suits you and your product.

The Basic Difference

When you plan to sell your products through online selling platforms, you will save yourself time and a certain amount of money. When you opt for the traditional selling methods, you need a middleman who will ask you for a certain sum of money. But when you incorporate Amazon in the task, they will charge you a small fee and you will get a global audience to sell your products.

Through here we talk about Amazon seller central vs vendor central, the platform itself takes you to lots of buyers. In the case of the first one, if you are a single seller and just started selling your products, Amazon will help you with that. Amazon will provide you with a perfect platform. You just need to sell your products there. Vendor central is for those businesses who are already established and have a steady customer base. Now, you can give your products to Amazon. They will upload, advertise, dispatch, and sell your products. You will get a portion of the profit share and of course, Amazon will keep a good percentage from your profit share too. You can now understand which category is for you and you act accordingly.

Which one is more Profitable for you

If you are an individual seller and opt for seller central, you have to do all the works alone. Amazon will only provide you with a platform. Also, seller central people can ask for Amazon fulfilled deliveries. For those instances, you need to pack your product and do all the tasks related to dispatch. Amazon will give you a day. On that decided day, one Amazon representative will reach your place and collect the packages and they will send those packages to your customers. In the case of seller central you have a lot to do. It’s hectic and since you deal with the clients on your own, you can decide the profit margin. As you are doing everything on your own, you will end up earning more from this set up.

If you opt for vendor central, Amazon will do most of the job for your brand. Vendor central is for those brands who are well known and popular. They need to dispatch a lot during the day. Sometimes its tough for them to arrange all of these tasks. So they take a portion of their products and give it to Amazon. Now Amazon will sell those products on their platform, deal with the customers, pack and dispatch products to the customers, etc. Since, Amazon handles all of these tasks and deals with the customers, in this case, Amazon decides the profit margin and price of the product. Since Amazon takes care of the lion’s share of jobs, their percentage in the profit margin will also be huge.

Seeing these two situations if you think that seller central is better than vendor central, then you are highly mistaken. You must not only consider the profit you make through the sale on Amazon. It’s about the pressure you take through the day. If you have a big brand, you need to take care of a lot of things throughout the day. It is kind of relaxing if someone else sells your products. Also, when you deal in bulks, you cannot get to see a huge change in price. Initially, you may feel that you lose some money in vendor central, but it will ease up a lot of work for you. You can experiment with new things and projects when Amazon sells your products on your behalf.

Where should the small traders and retailers go

The seller central is a very commonly used and user friendly mode of service. The setup is very easy and you can do it quickly. On the other hand, vendor central comes with lots of premium facilities. It takes time, lots of paperwork, form fill ups, paid features etc. If you are a small business owner, small trader or retailer, it is always advised that you always go for seller central.


Amazon provides you with a huge platform to sell your products. No matter which option you choose, you can reach as many people as possible in a go. It is always wise to present your product on the platform in a unique way so that people can get attracted to it.