Anton app is a learning app, children are instructed in a wide variety of subjects to expand or train their skills. You can learn how to write numbers in mathematics determine the parts of a sentence in German or get to know the solar system in general studies. This works free of charge for single-use, without advertising, and with a lot of individual support and motivation.

Anton app: how it works

The Anton learning platform is co-financed by the EU and covers almost all curriculum-relevant content of the primary and secondary levels. After successful registration, the children access the learning content of the subjects German, mathematics, English, general studies, biology, German as a second language, and music from grades 1 to 10. These are sorted by level and clearly arranged.

If Anton is used at home, all it takes is a one-time registration via email and the learners can work on any device. The app can be used on iOS, Android, or directly in the browser.

To prepare a virtual classroom, a registration code can be generated, which consists either of an 8-digit combination of letters and numbers or, conveniently, of a QR code. Depending on the device, the class scans or enters the code and is logged in.

The teacher determines which learning content the class can access. Either suitable content for the current learning subject is selected or the class can access the entire offer. The learning progress is saved individually and can be viewed and evaluated by the teacher.

Anton’s range of tasks is very extensive. In the first grade, the children learn, among other things, to copy the letters and numbers. Later, for example, it is about division or text problems, or reading with meaning.

The trainees receive verbal work instructions and direct feedback on correct or incorrect processing. If necessary, the children can earn digital coins through correct solutions, which they can use for small mini-games. This keeps motivation very high. This option can also be disabled.

Anton app scenarios

If the appropriate prerequisites are in place at school, Anton expands the repertoire of exercise and training tools in and beyond the classroom. The app can be used, for example, in phases of deepening after a joint start. Children can then show individually whether they can implement the input independently. Especially in English lessons, Anton can play an even greater role in vocabulary and vocabulary work.

It doesn’t matter whether the class sits together in one room or whether children learn in different settings. All you need is an internet connection and a suitable digital device (tablet/laptop/PC). It is also conceivable to use it at a distance or in asynchronous learning phases, for example as homework.

Educational added value from Anton app

There are numerous comparable learning opportunities for children. Anton stands out with its comprehensive, ad-free, and child-friendly structure. The fast individual feedback and feedback functions can boost motivation and learning growth enormously. The option of having content read to you can also relieve teachers. The login via (QR) code makes the cumbersome administration of login names and passwords superfluous. And the content that can be individually selected by teachers rounds off the useful addition to your own lessons.

Children report back that they prefer to practice the learning content conveyed via Anton and practice it more persistently.

Anton app: Requirments for Use

Anton app can be purchased as a school license.

This means that information about children and teachers can be entered and managed via database import. This reduces the effort of the teachers to select the relevant content for their own learning group.

Parents can create their own free accounts for use at home and support their children. No tasks are selected here and children must be accompanied individually.

From a technical point of view, the following must be ensured for use in the classroom:

  • internet access
  • Endgerat (Laptop/ PC/ Tablet/ Smartphone)
  • Credentials created

How do I use the Anton app?

One time:

  • Registration and creation of user accounts
  • Installation of Anton on mobile devices, no preparation is necessary for stationary devices

Use in everyday life:

  • Step 1: Start Anton or open
  • Step 2: Scan or enter credentials
  • Step 3: Edit learning tasks

Fact check on Anton app

  • Title: Anton
  • Art: Learning app for deepening and training
  • Publisher: Anton, solo code GmbH
  • Costs: Single-use free of charge, otherwise school license, see flyer above
  • Device: Any, runs as an app or directly in the browser
  • Operating Skills: Very easy to use
  • Technical hurdles: devices for learners, internet
  • Operating language: German and read text
  • Comment: Extensive, simple, and effective