There has always been a need in the human heart for knowledge of the future. Whenever one is through Astrology from which they feel they cannot escape, they often wonder whether their predicament will ever end.

When, if ever, is the answer yes? The question of whether or not a substantial expenditure of time, effort, or resources will pay off is typical to have while making such an investment. People who can accurately foretell the future have always been with us.

Their techniques have ranged from a direct gaze into the future to using tarot cards or astrological charts (horoscopes) to interpreting palmistry. No one can dispute that numerous individuals throughout history have adequately foreseen the future. With each accurate forecast, we gain more confidence in seeing the end.

Once Held In High Regard, How Did Astrology Fall From Favor?

It’s human nature to want to model one’s behavior after those seen as successful, well-liked, and respected. Charlatans began passing themselves off Astrology after seeing the high regard for the profession. They picked up some techniques and started taking advantage of the trusting public. It was and remained a very profitable industry. Predictions are how an astrologer makes a living, although they never guarantee accuracy. It’s not possible to get your money back :-(. When an astrologer opens a shop, clients seek him out in the hope that he can adequately predict their destiny. The stargazer has a privileged position. He may make ten forecasts about different people, with just one coming true.

There is no way for him to see any of the nine people again that he needed to correct in his predictions. However, the tenth individual, about whom the astrologer made an accurate prediction, would not only return to him but also recommend many others, citing their own positive experience. This ensures that an astrologer’s practice will thrive regardless of his success or failure. However, this led to a general perception that astrologers, like current politicians, are often dishonest. Once this misconception gained traction, intelligent people lost interest in Astrology as a field of study. Talented individuals began venturing into new areas of study. The inevitable transpired over time. In today’s world, it’s clear that no severe genius ever decided to make Astrology their career or pastime.

Another crucial factor still contributed to astrology’s decline to obscurity. This resulted from India’s collapse as the center of ancient knowledge and the cradle of human civilization. The Islamic invaders, who plundered India on many occasions and then dominated the nation for a century, showed little regard for the country’s valuable art, exquisite architecture, or other high points of human achievement.

Two primary reasons why people laugh about Astrology are criticism and defense. The first is the obvious flaw with astrological forecasts: they seldom come true. Second, various astrologers will give you different advice based on your horoscope. Given the same information about a person’s birth, numerous horoscopes are created. Due to these factors, many have concluded that astrological is not a scientific discipline but rather an art form used to deceive others for financial gain.

The justifications mentioned above have to be taken seriously. However, bias against Astrology does contribute to the widespread dismissal of the field as pseudoscience. A person becomes sick from an unknown illness. He visits a physician in his area. His doctor has suggested he be checked out. In light of these findings and the man’s symptoms, the doctor diagnoses him with a specific illness called Sickosis.

Once he has given the patient a list of medications to take, the patient is sent home to quickly recover from whatever ails them. Two days later, the patient notices that the medicines are not doing what they were meant to. There is an instant response to the new pharmaceutical regimen, so he returns to the doctor. In a few days, the individual is completely healthy again.

What would have happened had the patient not reacted to the second round of medication? In all likelihood, he would have sought care from a different medical practitioner. That doctor might have told him to have more testing done, made an educated guess as to what was wrong, and prescribed treatment appropriately. A cure for the patient’s illness would have been just as likely in either case.


If you Ask astrologer with such an open mind, you will not be able to conclude that it has no value. As long as the horoscope is drawn correctly, an astrologer can predict many aspects of a man’s life with high accuracy, including his physical appearance, the illnesses he is susceptible to getting, his personality, his level of financial and social success, his level of fame and notoriety, the existence of his career, and so on.