Travelers from New Jersey and other nearby states like weekend getaways in Atlantic City and scheduling midweek will give you access to more housing options. Even though Atlantic City has many hotels and resorts, getting a room on the weekends might take a lot of work. Check this Atlantic City vacation rental for more information. Additionally, prices are typically higher on weekends, and you’ll have less money for the casino. 

The best activities in Atlantic City for couples include:

  • A romantic cruise.
  • A free tour of the largest pipe organ in the world.
  • The outlook atop New Jersey’s finest Lighthouse.

The 1870-era Atlantic City Boardwalk is a pleasant place to dine or wander along the beach and enjoy the scenery. If this is your first time visiting Atlantic City, you’re in for a treat. Yes, it’s a bit kitsch, but that adds to its appeal. You’ll either love or hate Atlantic City, but it’s worth the experience regardless, especially if you’re traveling to some of the best locations in New Jersey.

This is a terrific destination if you’re seeking entertaining things to do with kids in Atlantic City. The double-decker carousel, the Ferris wheel, and wild rides like the Boomerang, the Combo, and the Freedom Flyer are just a few attractions at Pier’s adventure park. Whereas the Sea Coral Restaurant & Bar and the Steel Pier Pub feature restaurants overlooking the beach views, the recreational carnival offers entertaining games and food stalls. One of the most well-liked attractions in Atlantic City is Steel Pier.

Top 5 Things to do in Atlantic City 

Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Be sure to visit this eccentric museum if you’re searching for unusual, enjoyable activities for kids in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A noticeable aspect of the Boardwalk is the museum’s structure. A large globe that resembles it having crashed toward the front of the system and partially inserted inside of it has the effect of shattering the building’s base from top to bottom.

Absecon Lighthouse

As you climb the Absecon Lighthouse’s 228 stairs, one of the nation’s oldest lighthouses, you’ll go on an incredible trip through time and, above all. Viewpoints of the Atlantic Magnificent views will astound you. The Lighthouse’s distance from the water when construction was roughly 1200 feet. The days were marked by sand, seagulls, the stench of salt water, and the tides’ movement. Around 1876, seawater encroached on the edge of the lighthouse site due to the tides’ persistent erosion of the adjacent shoreline caused by the surges.

Chicken Bone Beach

The beach was divided decades just after Civil War was over due to pressure from nearby companies, a terrible period in American history. African Americans, tourists, and locals, found pleasure and, subsequently, fantastic entertainment along the beach throughout the segregation era. Through yearly jazz performances, such as the Chicken Bone Beach-Jazz on the Beach Concert Series, which honors the earlier block party ambiance of the period, the Chicken Bone Beach Preservation Association fosters heritage identification.

Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall

The Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall is a must-visit location in Atlantic City since it is the city’s most well-known location for sizable concerts and events. It serves as the venue for the Beauty Pageant, where the championship round is usually always held.

Lucy the Margate Elephant

A visit to Lucy the Margate Elephant, which is right across Atlantic Avenue, is among the most amazing things to do while in Atlantic City. This is useful if you want to experience a part of the city’s past—inside and out. The United States listed Lucy as a National Historic Site in 1976 as the country’s first “streetside” entertainment and the earliest example of “imagery” construction still standing. The most well-liked semi-institution in the broader Atlantic City area is hers as of right now.

Both the festive season and holiday sales are in full swing in November and December. Shops such as the businesses on the Beachfront have a variety of unusual gifts for near and dear ones. Such as the rest of New Jersey, Atlantic City has similar weather. Snowfall can be heavy during the winter, particularly in places closer to Pennsylvania and further south. Winters are generally frigid.