How many times have you asked yourself, How to Combine Clothes to Look Good? Starting with the easiest, the basic garments that women should have in their wardrobe, and that by mixing them together they will achieve impressive styles for any moment.

Here is a list of women’s clothing you should find in your closet:

White shirt:  essential in everyone’s wardrobe. It is the classic that helps you in any situation, be it formal or informal, day or night. Highly versatile and comfortable…

A black dress and a white one: these are basic. You can adapt it without problems to any day / night event.

Jeans: this women’s clothing that never goes out of style and accompanies her at all times. Two or three shades will help you look spectacular.

Pants:  the essential colors are black, gray and navy blue. There are also Women’s Leggings that will help you adapt to any occasion.

Skirt:  a black skirt, to the knee, is of great importance. It is beautiful to wear them in formal meetings.

High-heeled shoes and ballerinas:  these types of shoes are the ideal choice for skirts and pants, long or short. The heels are suggested in black with a height greater than 5 centimeters, and the flats or ballerinas in black, red, and navy blue.

Blazer: among women’s clothing, this garment cannot be missing. Its high versatility allows you to wear it with jeans, dress pants, or a skirt. The standard colors are black, white, and navy blue.

it is a summer garment that easily adapts to any outfit, as long as you know how to combine them. Color options should include black, white, and navy blue.And oversized t shirt for women are the way to go if you want to give your t-shirts a little bit of funkiness.

Black jacket: it is a basic part of women’s clothing. The black color will help you to combine it with other colors.

Sports shoes: in this case you can choose the color and model that you like the most. In the case of the white color, it adapts quite well and is fashionable.

How to combine women’s clothing?

Learning to combine women’s clothing is an easy task if you know the color wheel in detail, what the colors mean, and let your imagination run wild.

The fundamental rules:

Monochromatic: look for the combination of garments of the same color or shades of the same color palette. For example, lead gray and black, brown and beige, light blue with dark blue.

Contrast: You can dare to go further and combine opposites. Royal blue with orange, yellow with purple, green with pink tones, etc.

Some examples of combinations of women’s clothing that can be useful to you are:

Black, grey, beige, and white

They are neutral colors and are essential in every woman’s wardrobe. They combine very well with most colors and with each other.

You can use black in important events. It looks good in plus size dresses for women. You can also use it as a complementary color. The combination of white with any color from the color palette will achieve an infallible, sophisticated and seductive look.


Optimal in the navy (nautical) look, and an excellent complement to white. Blue is another essential color in women’s clothing because you can use it together with reddish tones, gray, and beige.

Earth tones

The brown color is not so easy to combine. That is why it is suggested to wear it within the monochrome palette, where brown, beige, and warm colors such as mustard, yellow, and orange stand out.


It is also a bit difficult to combine. It can be mixed with white or black. You can also try brown or beige. If you dare more, combine it with purple, pink, orange, or yellow.

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