If you are going to organize your wedding in an open-air estate, it is essential to set up tents, otherwise you run the risk that your wedding cannot be celebrated properly.

The weather is not 100% certain, even if it is clear at dawn or there is a good weather report, that cloud that leaves behind the classic and brief summer storm can always come and bring down the entire set-up of the banquet; wetting tablecloths, furniture, crockery, glassware, cutlery. The catering does not duplicate the material of the service and although it took it, it may not take time to change everything before the arrival of guests. That is, the wedding cannot take place.

On the other hand, there would be other cases such as a summer lunch in full sun, which makes it necessary to put up a tent due to the heat, windy days, when there are trees on top of the banquet tables and twigs, leaves or there are little birds fall. when they are weddings in the afternoon-night and after dinner it starts to cool down and at dawn it is really cold, if there are nearby dirt roads with vehicle traffic that raise dust, etc. The tent is the solution.

With tent rental you can protect yourself and cover only the roof or, if necessary, close the walls at the time. The marquee can be heated and decorated to your liking, thus personalizing each celebration.

Generally, the marquees are aluminum structures of various portico or width measurements and the length is adapted to the number of square meters that are necessary for the correct development of the wedding. They are standard measures, but you have to know which is the ideal tent for your event. Call us and we will advise you.

For your wedding we have tents with 2 pitches, 4 pitches or polygonal pavilions for very large weddings, of various heights and a wide variety of porch sizes. Of opaque or transparent canvases, different types of flooring, lighting, carpeting. We decorate the tents inside with fabrics with different types of pleating, etc.



Custom work

Ships: You may want to organize your wedding in a ship, but you are not convinced by the space as it is a cold space. We can decorate it internally with fabrics on the ceilings, walls and floor, so that when the guests enter they see an authentic banquet hall. We can also air-condition it, light it and do everything necessary to give it the warm and comfortable environment you are looking for.

Custom tents and assemblies

If you want an exclusive marquee for your wedding, we can do it since we do custom work:

Tents of different colors,

Custom decorative double roofs

Double ceilings and walls upholstered by hand

Special lighting

Tables, chairs and tablecloths

Coffee machines, refrigerators, etc.

Audio equipment

Round banquet table in strong lightweight materials for events and parties. The round banquet table is in a strong and durable rental quality.

Elegant accessories

We provide you elegant accessories such as,

Coffee cups

Plates and water jug

Wine glass red and white


Light chains

Cooler and Coffee machine

Milk and Sugar bowls

Beautiful verity of cutlery