According to Statista, Android had a market share of 71.4%, and its closest competitor, iOS, had only a 27.9% market share in the first quarter of 2023. Considering these statistics, it is evident that the number of Android phone users is continuously increasing, which, in turn, is creating immense opportunities for businesses that want to offer mobile app development services. However, developing Android applications is not child’s play. It requires setting up a dedicated facility and infrastructure and hiring Android app developers who can develop high-end mobile apps.

An alternative to this is to outsource Android app development services to a reliable mobile application development company from India. Now you must be thinking, why to hire from India? India’s reputation as a global IT powerhouse is well-established. Mobile app development companies in India possess a strong pool of experienced and talented professionals and a flourishing tech ecosystem. Let’s delve deeper into the other benefits of hiring a mobile app development company from India.

Benefits of Hiring an Android App Development Company From India

1. Low Development Cost

One of the biggest reasons businesses should turn to Indian Android app development companies is the cost advantage that comes with it. As compared to Europe and the USA, where the Android app developer’s hourly salary goes up to $71 and $65, respectively, the hourly wage of developers in India is up to $40.

India’s lower operating costs enable businesses worldwide to get top-notch app development services at a fraction of the price they might have to pay in other countries. The cost-effectiveness also empowers organizations to optimize their budgets and utilize resources to manage other critical areas.

2. Skilled Professionals

Android app development companies in India boast highly skilled and technically proficient mobile app developers. With a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education that integrates problem-solving skills, Indian developers hold expertise in Android app development.

On top of it, they keep a tab on the latest industry trends and have expertise in popular frameworks and mobile app development tools and technologies. It ensures businesses that the top mobile app development company they have partnered with understands their requirements and will develop an app that aligns with their goals.

3. Security

Indian Android app development companies adopt top-notch security software to ensure the security of your data. Moreover, they also sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) to maintain the confidentiality of the project. It means your project’s details will remain confidential or will not be disclosed to any unauthorized person. Apart from this, Indian Android app development companies also offer 24*7 customer support services, which is a must because any technical glitch, if not fixed on time, can cause a loss of millions.

4. Quality and Reliability

When it comes to Android app development, Indian Android app development companies put quality and reliability ahead of everything else. They adhere to international quality standards and follow ethical and robust app development practices to ensure that every app meets the exact business requirements. Moreover, Indian Android app development companies have an eye for detail and a commitment to meeting deadlines.

5. Flexibility and Scalability

Most Indian Android app development companies offer complete flexibility and scalability to allow businesses to scale up or down the development team as and when required. For instance, if your app development project needs six months to complete but you want it in five or four months, you can ask the company to increase the team size.


Clear and concise communication is an integral part of the mobile app development process. It helps businesses to know the progress of their project. Most Indian app development companies ensure this by sharing regular reports with their clients. Some even use top-notch software to update each milestone and share its access with their clients to allow them to check the project’s progress. On top of it, Indian Android app developers are fluent in English, which makes it easier for both parties to communicate.

How to Find the Right Android App Development Company in India?

Now that you know the advantages of hiring an app development company from India, let’s glance through the steps to find the best one for your business:

1. Define Your Specific Project Requirements

The first step is to define your specific project requirements clearly. Prepare a list of your app’s purpose, target audiences, key features, scalability, and budget. Having well-defined project requirements will help you to establish clear communication with potential Android app development companies. It would also contribute to evaluating a company’s capabilities and expertise.

2. Research and Shortlist Companies

Conduct extensive research to find professional Android app development companies or hire app developers in India. You can use search engines or take the help of your professional networks. While shortlisting, consider the company’s portfolio, client feedback, and case studies to evaluate their expertise and know their previous projects.

3. Evaluate Their Tech Expertise

Android app development requires having a knack for programming languages such as Java and Kotlin and frameworks such as Android SDK and React Native. Also, evaluate the company’s proficiency in UI/UX design, database management, backend development, and API integration.

4. Understand their Project Lifecycle and Management Process

Discuss the estimated timeline for the project and ensure that it matches your deadlines. While cost should not be the prime factor when choosing an Android app development company in India, don’t forget to check the company’s pricing structure. You can also get cost estimates and compare them with your budget. Don’t go for the one that offers low-cost options, as they may compromise the app’s quality.

Additionally, check if the company is open to scalability and flexibility. As the business grows, you might need to add new features to the app; scalability is crucial to achieving the same. While choosing the best mobile app development company, don’t forget to ensure that they establish means of communication and share regular progress updates with their clients.

5. Post-launch Support and Maintenance

The app development company you choose should also provide after-launch support and maintenance to fix technical glitches or bugs that may occur at any time. They should also offer app maintenance services to add new features to the app in the future.

6. Onboarding

The last step is to onboard the app development company or complete the hiring process. Prepare an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) and ask the stakeholders to sign it to ensure the security of the data you will share throughout the app development process. Also, do all the necessary formalities.


Hiring a reliable and trusted Android app development company, like Quytech, from India can be a boon for businesses looking for cost-effective and professional Android app development services. Besides, Indian app development companies also render benefits like effective communication, complete security, flexibility and scalability, and quality and reliability in their app development services.