Would you like to live inside a fairy-tale home with an interior that reminds you of the glamor and beauty of castles? Or maybe you want to be surrounded by a natural, homely atmosphere that reminds you of your ancestors. A touch of the classic in the modern days? Whichever it is, natural stone for your home interior is exactly what you need. 

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There is nothing easier than installing beautiful natural stone tiles in your own house. If you want to bring the sophistication and aristocracy of the emperors to your home, you can choose travertine. Saturnia Travertini offers a wide range of high-quality travertine tiles, which will create such an atmosphere in your home. If you want to learn more about the benefits of natural stone in your home interior, keep reading this article. Here are some options for top-rated Houston house cleaning services.

Natural stone is one of the most ancient building materials. Its strength and durability have endured the test of time. Rooms decorated with marble, quartzite, granite, onyx, and travertine catch the eye and create a magical atmosphere that people are naturally attracted to.

Decorative Natural Stone in the Interior of the Home

Artificial Stone or Natural Stone

That is the question many people ask these days. Artificial stone is cheaper and more affordable. It is made of cement, light filler, and paint. You can also find the engineered stone used for countertops. And there are plenty of various and bizarre shapes and a wide selection of textures. However, you can always tell the difference between natural stone and artificial stone. That’s why if you want the classic, the aristocratic, and the timeless option, we suggest for you to bet on the natural stone.

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Although artificial stone is lighter and easier to install, it has plenty of disadvantages like fragility and coating compared to natural stone. 

What to decorate with stone?

The truth is that any decorative material can decorate any surface in the house. It all depends on your imagination. Natural stone is suitable for any part of the house and any element of the home. Our first ancestors have lived in caves, surrounded, constantly, by rock. They have learned to utilize it for anything, from the bedroom to the cooking area and the floor. As human beings, we are drawn naturally to the stone. So it is best to decorate your interior with real stone is the best option. Otherwise, your heart will always know the difference.

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You can make an entire wall in your living area or decorate to highlight areas of the room. You can use travertine to make the area feel more homely. The natural cream colors of the stone will add beautiful, sophisticated lighting to your living area that will provide a soothing and beautiful atmosphere during any time of the day, regardless of the lighting. 

The stone in the living room is not just a decoration – it is an accent. Decorate with passion and creativity. You can complement the stunning visual effect by placing the accent in the spotlight, like a centerpiece in the room. 


Finishing with decorative stone will transform the interior of any kitchen. Combine colors, textures, or work in contrast. But do not forget about the lighting and the size of the room. 

The excess stone surfaces will overload and “crush” the space in a small room. More classic kitchen furniture combined with deliberately rough and careless-looking decoration will give that homely feel every kitchen deserves. Natural stone, like travertine tiles, would give a timeless aristocratic feel and yet complement any rustic style design. 

Strict lines of furniture and appliances with stone tiles of various shapes, sizes, and even colors would add further artistic feel to the kitchen. 


The use of decorative stone in the bedroom is not very popular, but the truth is that it would look simply amazing. Natural stone, like travertine, will become a sign of elegance and sophistication with the right interior design. You can decorate the wall behind the bed with stone and immediately indicate that this area is for sleeping and recreation. 

If that doesn’t suit your bedroom, you can separate the work area (if you have such in the bedroom. For example, modern studios have a workplace with a computer close to the bedroom area. You can separate with natural stone (either on the flooring or the wall) the TV, the workplace, and the bedroom part of the studio. The stone wall with a built-in fireplace and deliberately rough wooden accents creates comfort in the Indoor & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne.


The natural stone doesn’t get damaged by water – this explains the popularity of decorating bathrooms with stone. The large bathroom requires original solutions and play with color and texture. But even in an average room 2-4 meters, there is room for stone. It is not worth lining the whole bathroom: an already small room will become even smaller. Mark a specific area: mirror, part of the wall, sink, shower. If using a stone that mimics granite or marble, you get an incredibly luxurious room.

Winter Garden

Somehow it seems unnatural not to use stone or wood when designing your winter garden. You need to combine all the natural materials that remind us of Earth itself. You can incorporate some metal if the space allows it. Combine potted plants and rounded pavers (if you have enough space). It is one of the most successful combinations. 

Flowers, natural travertine stone tiles, wooden garden furniture, and metal accessories would look simply superb. Check out Saturnia Travertini for interesting travertine tile solutions for your home decor.

In Conclusion…

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that you will be looking at it for a long time. Both types of stones are durable. We suggest checking out Saturnia Travertini’s high-quality travertine tiles before you decide.