Many women are interested in fashionable clothes, but have limited budgets. One way to save on trendy clothes is to order online from FondMart. The site offers stylish clothing for less than $30, and shipping is free. You can even browse through a huge selection of products without having to join a membership club. Another benefit of shopping from FondMart is that products are delivered quickly to the United States.

FondMart is a Chinese company

In spring/summer 2022, Helen’s company, which specializes in brand logos, completed its first procurement cycle with FondMart. Helen, who started her company in 2017, had been working with suppliers in Los Angeles for the past five years. In summer 2021, she stumbled upon an online page that sounded intriguing. She was able to import products from FondMart and manage her inventory in Shopify. With the help of the Auto-Sync service, she was able to automate her inventory management and shipping.

A customer can choose from over 200,000 products through FondMart. Its product team is also able to recommend the best products for the buyer based on their price and quality rating. With over 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers, FondMart has something for everyone. Whether a buyer wants to purchase a sexy shirt or a pair of ripped jeans, she can find it on FondMart.

It has a huge catalog of over 200K different apparel products

A global wholesale plus size clothing for women’s apparel, FondMart offers both dropshipping and wholesale clothing. The company is staffed by experienced apparel industry personnel and offers a one-stop shop for retailers, wholesalers, and dropshippers. With over 200K products in stock, FondMart has a variety of products to suit every taste and budget. The company also has a dedicated sales team to assist you in the selection process. It also offers fast shipping to U.S. destinations and is available in multiple languages.

With a fast supply chain and access to over 5,000 different designers and suppliers worldwide, FondMart can provide a variety of styles and materials. The company’s merchandise specialists work with buyers to choose the right products for their businesses. The company’s sophisticated data analysis tools help buyers narrow down their selection to products that fit their style and budget. Whether you’re searching for a trendy top or a simple t-shirt, FondMart is the place to find it.

It has a fast supply chain

If you’re looking for plus size clothes, you might be interested in FondMart. This online retailer works with more than 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers to bring you the latest styles. Their database features over 200,000 items. Every half month, FondMart adds new products to its database and makes recommendations to buyers. The result is fast, high-quality products at affordable prices.

To make your sourcing easier, FondMart has a dedicated team to analyze every product. Their research team has digitized a supplier’s quality ratings and makes recommendations every six months. This helps buyers find the best and most efficient suppliers. The company also has a customer-driven policy that ensures quality and customer satisfaction. Each product is paired with customer feedback and an analysis that shows if it meets quality standards.


With so many suppliers and designers, FondMart has a unique approach to fashion buying. Its online platform lets users manage multiple stores with ease, allowing them to control their product information and pricing automatically. Furthermore, it supports automated quotations based on quantity and logistics methods. FondMart is completely free and is open to buyers around the world. As a result, FondMart is a fast and efficient supply chain for women’s products. In addition to providing clothing wholesale services, FondMart also offers private label services, which make it a great choice for small businesses. The site offers more than 200,000 products and is highly recommended for dropshipping. However, there are some cons to FondMart, including long shipping time and high shipping costs