Yoga is much more than an exercise routine to get in shape, because in addition to toning the body, it reconnects the mind; It is a two-for-one discipline that manages to renew us on the outside and reset us on the inside with hardly any cost. Because yoga is that quiet and calm sport where the muscles work and tone up -and a lot- almost without cost. “It has the power to connect body, mind and breath, it helps to work the joints and the muscular fascia, to gain more flexibility and to relax the body to have a more restful sleep and be able to rest better”.

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How Long To Practice Yoga

The idea is to dedicate a few minutes to ourselves. It doesn’t have to be very long, but it does have to be an exclusive time: find a place for yourself that is not too noisy or crowded, to be able to concentrate better and disconnect. And stay away from all electronic devices (phone, computer…): these are a few minutes that we should enjoy without distractions, calls or messages that only cause us not to get out of that loop of anxiety and stress that surrounds us daily.

The expert recommends practicing yoga first thing in the morning (or late in the afternoon), and not eating for at least two hours before doing it. If time permits, “a good option is to treat yourself to a yoga session as soon as you wake up before breakfast. This way, the rest of the day will be free to do any activity.”

What Happens If You Do Yoga Every Day

Practicing yoga daily “can improve the functioning of the internal organs through specific breathing techniques, cleanse the body of accumulated liquids, maintain a state of relaxation and fill the body with energy, vitality and positivism.” But we should not only think about detoxifying the body, ” eliminating toxins is also synonymous with eliminating everything that is toxic in our lives: stress, pessimism, lack of energy, tiredness, bad mood…”, explains the expert.

When Are The Benefits Of Yoga Noticed?

There is no need to obsess; the important thing is to start a routine and maintain consistency, and the benefits come. Although it is not immediate, the results are seen very soon; In just a few weeks the body gains flexibility, coordination and elasticity. What is not seen, that is, putting your head in order, comes even faster, practically from the first sessions.

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Benefits Of Yoga

In addition to helping us disconnect and gain peace of mind, practicing yoga constantly provides us with many other benefits, including the following:

  1. Doing yoga in the morning helps to wake up the mind and body gradually; Doing it in the afternoon serves to relax and get rid of the tensions of the day.
  2. Improves concentration, Promotes strength, endurance and emotional control.
  3. Reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. Strengthens self-confidence and increases self- esteem.
  5. It helps to face the day with energy and positivity.
  6. Improves body posture.
  7. It tones the body and keeps us fit because it requires doing the asanas correctly and smoothly; a lot of exercise is done, although sometimes it is not noticeable.
  8. The breathing techniques that are practiced promote quality sleep and better sleep.
  9. Eliminates toxins. Especially Hot Yoga, which is practice at high temperatures and high humidity. In addition, the heat helps to gain flexibility.
  10. It improves digestion because it activates our internal organs and reduces abdominal inflammation, which favors intestinal transit.