Essay writing is a skill that is necessary for students to have in both high school and college. A writer’s ability to delve deeply into a subject, present their point of view, and convince or educate the reader is demonstrated by their ability to write essays.

Nevertheless, it may be challenging to select a topic for an essay. The first step in writing an essay is choosing an interesting topic. Students struggle with selecting the topic and find it difficult to write an essay.

To simplify the pupils, the teacher would frequently select the topic. While On the other hand, this has happened, It is not unheard of to allow pupils to pick and select the subjects they want to study independently.

Categories of Essay Topics

The type of essay you write has a significant impact on your chosen topic. Students face difficulties in selecting the topic and also in writing the essay. If you face any problems, you can consult your teachers or contact an essay writer. The professional writers are well-trained and can help you in writing an essay. Also, students can get benefits and can polish their writing skills this way!

There are four primary types of essay genres that every student should be familiar with:

  Persuasive Writing

In this essay genre, the writer is asked to choose and defend a certain viewpoint on a specific position. You’ll find argumentative, research-based, or persuasive essays in this area.

  Expository Writing

In expository writing, the goal is to provide the reader with facts and information on a certain subject or idea. Expository, research, and cause-and-effect essays all fall under this heading.

  Descriptive Writing

Writers in this approach must channel their inner artist by using vivid language and well-coordinated thoughts to elucidate an idea or convey a concept. Descriptive and definitional essays fall under this heading.

  Narrative Writing

The author must convey a story or describe a process in narrative writing, which is less common but still present (something in chronological order). This category includes essays that tell a story, describe a process, or are written by the author.

Best Essay Topics

Here are a few ideas for you; choose any of these to start writing:

  • How Can We Reduce Climate Change?

Everyone’s life is being affected by climate change, which is a major issue. Sea levels are rising, making it more difficult for creatures like polar bears to live under the current climate conditions. This essay topic requires students to research the effects, causes, and mitigation strategies of climate change.

  • Colleges Are Becoming Business Driven.

Having a college degree is a must. It allows you to develop a marketable ability that can be sold to others for a fee. However, many individuals believe that because private universities are becoming more prevalent, these institutions are more concerned with making money.

  • First Day Of School Memories

There are many stories to tell about the first day of school at a new school, and many of them revolve around the social aspects of school. This kind of essay can help writers convey their feelings. Also, use it as a springboard for more ambitious forms of writing, such as the memoir.

  • The Role Of Journalists And The Media

There is a lot of skepticism and distrust in the reporting of journalists. But do they have a reason? Isn’t there a line that separates reliable information from unreliable information? Learn how to discern good journalism from terrible journalism in this essay.

  • Video Game Addiction

An essay about video games might be a good topic for a high school student. Playing too many video games might have negative impacts on your mental health. Ask them to write about the games they’ve been playing for so long that they’ve become addicted to them.


If you consider your tastes, thoughts, tunai4d and perspectives, choosing a topic for your essay will be simple. Pick a topic that you have more experience with and feel comfortable discussing. It assists you in organizing your thoughts to compose an essay that is properly documented.

It will provide you with ideas on what you can write well. If you choose to write about something that interests you and motivates you to express your ideas in an upbeat manner, you can find that the process is fun.

Finding a topic for an essay or a research paper might be difficult. Think about what you’d like to study before deciding on a topic. Finding inspiration can be easier if you know where to look.


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