A few weeks after TikTok was banned, Hipi was launched, a Indian short video sharing platform. Hipi is an entirely homegrown platform and promises to take billions of Indians on a journey from being a Fan to attaining Fandom. No other platform in India fulfills this promise. In the process, it encourages and implements the ‘vocal for local’ mindset.

The App has ample exciting content, and Hipi is a welcome addition. By enabling Indian short video sharing and user-generated content, it will compete with the likes of Instagram reels, Facebook, and Gaana HotShots.

Most of our favorite celebrities have already joined Hipi. They upload tons of fun videos daily to build fan communities and actively participate with them. Stars are not only excited to showcase their authentic selves on Hipi, but their fans are excited to have this opportunity to see their loved actors shed their reel-life skin, participate in challenges, collaborate with them to make fun videos, lip-sync to the dialogues of their favorite actors, and more exciting things.

Hipi has a great mix of everything from music and dance to comedy and beauty tips and dance auditions to trending challenges to give India’s budding talent their big break! It allows creators to create short videos of up to 90 seconds, add music tracks, and choose from a fantastic range of over 100+ unique and fun filters and effects to add that X-factor before publishing the final video. For those who like to browse through content, there are various trending topics and exciting genres to watch. You can surf and draw inspiration from the content being published by other creators.

Social media handles of celebrities are full of pictures and videos that are not just great content but excellent quality. Filters these days are reducing the visits to beauty parlors for makeup to get a perfect shot. HiPi, is one of India’s best short video App platforms. The App has some of the best video effects, light effects, beauty filters, creative expressions, everyday challenges, and more. You would be thrilled to know that your favorite celebs, including Shraddha Arya, Shivangi Khedkar, Swati Kapoor, Rohit Suchanti, and others, are using HiPi, bringing their new avatar to the limelight.

Hipi is the new craze among the generation, and along with filters, it also features music tracks. Hipi allows users to make videos of up to 90 seconds. The App also enables the users to vertically scroll through the hundreds of videos one can like and share on the platforms. Hipi brings content from diverse demographics and geography and is suitable for all handsets used in India.

Hipi is a short video platform that allows users to delve into a new world of video making! Make a video, add a music track and gain your follower base. Here are some of the top filters on Hipi that are now celeb favorites:

Sparkling Beauty Filter: What can gain more attention than sparkles all over? The sparkling beauty filter most celebrities use on Hipi adds an extra edge and enhances your beauty. And yes, it works without makeup, also.

Time-lapse Filter: Create a perfect and polished one with the unique time-lapse filter on Hipi. The filter reduces flickering and ensures that the final result is more than just great!

Fire Explosion Filter: Fire explosions represent high energy and great power. The use of a fire explosion filter showcases some of these animated features.

Black and White Filter: We all know that black and white is never outdated. Beyond imagination, black and white create remarkable pictures with significant effects. You can also adjust the filter’s intensity to make it more realistic.

Beauty Filter: This filter needs no introduction and is used the most by all celebs and users. The filter beautifies your face by removing any blemishes and makes your likes brighter and shinier.

Light Effect: Light effect helps users to create pictures and videos with excellent background light and picture quality.

Video Effects: Improve the quality of your videos using top-notch video effects on HiPi. After using these filters, our video won’t require any other editing. Video effects let you add effects, transitions, and themes.

Thug life:  Thug life filter comes with sunglasses, necklaces, bling-bling, and much more to give a real-thug feel to whoever looks at you!

Laser effect: Invoke your inner power with the unique laser effect that makes your eyes glow and creates an impact as if you are either going to destroy something or make it up.

Get ready to express who you are to the world through this short video App Hipi and enjoy the content by some of your favorite stars like Shraddha Arya .