The time and effort that goes into developing your app and promotion also demand it equally. The total number of app downloads annually in the app store is proof of the influence of mobile app promotion services.

There are over three million apps in the app store, and several popular ones belong to the same app category as yours. Mobile app promotion services are essential to make your app stand out from the competition and reach your target audience.

App promotion is vital to boost your app’s visibility and enhance the quality of new users. It is a process in which the app marketers will advertise your app and its unique features to a broader audience. When you know the audience you are targeting and the goal you wish to achieve, the app marketing process becomes easier and more effective.

Stages of app promotion.

  • The app promotion is a sequence of steps that begins with spreading awareness about your app and ends with user retention. You need to understand the lifecycle of each stage and develop strategies for each of these stages.
  • Understand your target audience. Know the user preferences, the popular apps among the various user segments, user demographics, and expectations. When you know your audience well, you can create an app promotion strategy to effectively convey the app message to them.
  • Analyze your competitors and the promotion techniques that they implement. You can set their success strategies as a benchmark for your app’s key performance indicators. You can improve your app’s CTR and conversion rate by studying the top-performing players in the same app category.
  • Design and run tests for different versions of app creatives. You will know which ones work in favor of your app. Monitor the app installs for every thousand impressions. The installs per mille (IPM) will indicate at which stage in the funnel you are going wrong.
  • Promote your app on media channels by posting regularly quality content. Show the benefits and features they will get by using your app to the target audience.
  • Enhance your presence on the online platform. In addition to boosting your app’s visibility, it will also add to the credibility of your app.
  • Make the best out of the email marketing technique. You can personalize your emails and draft messages that will have an impact on the user’s opinion. Regularly add updates and promotional messages that will interest your user.
  • Prompt for a call-to-action in your app store listing. Use in-app and app store ads to boost downloads.
  • Optimize to the best the critical app elements. Prioritize presenting an appealing app icon that will stand out from the other apps in the search results.
  • Design app screenshots and videos that can hold the user’s attention and convince them to download your app. The users can get a sneak peek into your app’s features and functions by viewing the screenshots and preview videos.
  • Localization is the best form of app promotion. You can broaden your user base across regions. The local audience can relate to and understand your app better when you customize your app for each region. App conversions will improve automatically.

App promotion in the Apple app store and Google Play store.

  • The app promotion methodologies differ between the Apple app store and Google Play. The same techniques will not work in both places.
  • Therefore, you have to learn the differences and devise app promotion plans depending on each app store’s distribution channels and user categories.
  • Generally, there are more promotion options to explore in the Google Play Store than in the Apple app store.
  • Promote your app through different channels to your niche user groups in the Google Play Store.
  • You can partner the app promotion process with a third party that is well aware of your regional markets’ demography and user preferences


When it comes to promoting your app, you have umpteen options to explore and benefit from. Be it the organic or paid app promotion methods, optimizing your app with a proper ASO strategy is essential.

Therefore, depending on your budget for app promotions and the type of audience you are targeting, you can choose your mobile Aso Free Tools.