Take, for example, the Dolphins and the Raiders of the National Football League, who have a game scheduled to start in exactly 12 hours. The rain suddenly began pouring down, flooding the streets near the stadium. The news that the Dolphins game has been postponed confirms your worst fears.

As of right now, it’s okay to take it easy. A break in the weather is needed and must be waited for. All bets at Bet22 on that Dolphin match are good until 12 hours after the game has started, per DraftKings, FanDuel, and other US sportsbooks.

It’s been raining for the past 12 hours and won’t let up soon. At this point, bad weather has caused FanDuel and other online sportsbooks to cancel all bets on the game. If you place a bet at one of these casinos, you will get your money back. If you bet on the Dolphins with DraftKings or any other UK or US online sportsbooks, your wager will be honoured as long as the game starts at its scheduled time.

Check the terms and conditions page of the US or UK sportsbook that holds your wagers to see if they will honour all bets for a postponed game within 12 or 24 hours. You can get a direct answer by contacting Bet22 customer support team via chat or hotline.


Let’s make up a basketball game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. There were no signs of rain that week, so the game went as planned. The stadium has an issue, so the game will have to be moved. The technicians could not determine why there was no power at the arena.

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The game was originally scheduled to be played at a Warrior arena but has since been moved to a Cavaliers arena. Any NBA wagers placed during that time will stand as long as the match goes as planned and is not postponed. If bad weather forces a game postponement in Cleveland, your wager will stand as long as the game is completed within 12-24 hours.

Both home and away courts bring out the best in every team. As the saying goes, “home court advantage” refers to a team’s positive results when playing on their own turf. This situation can go either way for sports bettors and their wagers.

Whoever bet through Bet22 on the Cavaliers knowing they would play in San Francisco has learned that the game will be moved to Cleveland and won big. Since the game will be played in Cleveland, bookies will adjust the money line odds in favour of the Warriors. Money line bets on the Cavaliers offer high payouts and solid odds of success.

What happens to parlay bets if a game gets postponed?

Your parlay will remain intact if the match resumes within 12 to 24 hours of the postponement, as all wagers are considered valid in such cases. If play has not resumed, the status of your parlay bet after 24 hours. Even though the cancelled wager won’t count toward your parlay, it will still have consequences. All cancelled bets at Bet22 are subtracted from total payouts for parlay wagers. Assume you staked $75 on a parlay slip that included MLB money lines for the current season. Your parlay’s original payout must be $16,000 or more. Let’s pretend a devastating cyclone hit Seattle, forcing the Mariners to move their game up by about a week. Money line bets on the Mariners would be nullified under these circumstances.

The Mariners have been removed from your parlay, and the payout has been adjusted accordingly. All five games can go off with a hitch for you to win your parlay bet if you bet on the money line. The payoff for the parlay will be reduced again if any of the remaining five games are postponed or cancelled. Essentially, this is the same as when one of the legs of your moneyline parlay ends in a tie. Your parlay will be restructured with the healthy legs left in place while the damaged leg is cut out and thrown away.

Where do you stand on parlays with only two teams?

Two-team parlays are treated as straight bets if either leg is nullified. Legally speaking, a parlay is nullified under these circumstances. The probability of completing the remaining leg is used to determine the payout. Using a parlay calculator, you can see how your bet would change if you removed one of the legs.

If a medical emergency caused the cancellation of nearly half of the season, what would happen to your parlay if every leg was nullified? Your parlay is cancelled, and your bet at Bet22 is returned like any other sports wager. Same-game parlays are also invalidated if all of your legs come from a single postponed game.

The sportsbooks lose any potential revenue from a voided parlay, which is frustrating for everyone involved. Fortunately, your parlay paid off, and you’ve recovered your original stake. You can begin working on a new sport or construct a new parlay slip for the upcoming season.