Dubai is a modern space and a dream for many individuals, attracted by its luxury living and its forward-thinking attitude. No wonder many people want to work here and succeed in their profession. However, finding a job in any country can be challenging, but knowing the rules and culture can help you achieve your goals. The main thing is to be clear about your main purpose and not to stop there.

List of verified sites with vacancies

Fortunately, many resources can help everyone choose the right vacancy for you. Below are the proven platforms where you can look for a lot of useful information:

  1. Indeed is a platform that proposes millions of jobs worldwide, including search filters by region and industry.
  2. Glassdoor – this site offers not only a list of jobs but also private information about companies and their working rules.
  3. – this site offers jobs in banking and finance where you can apply for employment according to your skills and expertise.
  4. LinkedIn Jobs is one of the largest sites on the web with almost 600 million users, offering more than 20 million jobs from a particular company.
  5. CareerBuilder is an international job search site with search filters by job types, regions, and other parameters.
  6. Monster – this site provides employment for various specialists and is represented in 50 countries.
  7. SimplyHired – an employment search resource that offers a wide variety of filters to help you better understand the type of job you want.
  8. ZipRecruiter – such platforms propose useful search in several countries around the world, vacancies with attractive salaries, etc.
  9. CareerJet – this site offers vacancies in various locations, including a variety of functions and locations.
  10. JobsDB – this site offers employment in many countries in Southeast Asia and Australia.
  11. is a job search site in India where you can get interesting propositions according to your experience and post a proper resume.
  12. Dice – this resource offers jobs in the field of technology, where you can choose your category, company, and income.
  13. The Muse is a site that offers short descriptions of companies and positions, including interesting facts about the work culture of these companies.
  14. FlexJobs – this site offers jobs with flexible working terms, where you can search for jobs that allow you to work from home or anywhere in the world.
  15. Freelancer – this service lets you look for free work where everyone can find projects and do work for money from anywhere.

You can use several resources at the same time to get the most out of it.

What do you need to do to successfully find a job in Dubai?

There are some steps you need to take to successfully find a job in Dubai. Before you start looking for a job, you need to obtain an entry and employment visa. This can be a work or investment visa, a tourist visa, or a family reunification visa. You can find out more about visa issues on the official website of the government of the United Arab Emirates.

Background and qualifications – it is necessary to have relevant qualifications. Many jobs in Dubai require at least 2-3 years of relevant professional expertise. Knowledge of English is a key factor for employers. Without a good knowledge of English, it can be difficult to choose not only a good job in the city but also to communicate with the locals.

Job search – you should consider several options for finding a job, such as individual contact with firms, and posting a resume on various job search sites. In this country, it is important to adhere to a special work culture, which you should familiarize yourself with in advance.

What professions are currently in demand in this city?

Let’s list the main vacancies that are currently in urgent need:

  1. IT specialists are a growing sphere that includes software development, web design, databases, and data analysis.
  2. Financiers – an emerging industry in Dubai that includes an interest in global banks, investment funds, business consulting, etc.
  3. Sales and marketing managers – for several years in a row continue to be relevant in Dubai, which includes opportunities to work with global brands and create advertising campaigns.
  4. Tourism and hospitality specialists – Dubai is famous for its hotels and tourist destinations, which makes employment in the hospitality and tourism sector relevant.
  5. Medical professionals – these professions are highly respected in Dubai and deserve to be developed because Dubai is very advanced in the field of medicine.
  6. Senior management – Dubai offers great potential for executives and highly qualified personnel involved in the development of the country.
  7. Construction industry – Dubai, after many years of active development, remains at the peak of the construction industry. Currently, the demand for engineering and technical workers in the construction industry is very high.

In reality, there are even more offers, so keep track of them and analyze them.


Don’t put off your career development until later. Start looking for a job today, because you need to set aside a significant amount of time for this. Advance preparation will allow you to maximize your performance and be prepared for different circumstances. Keep in mind that each country dictates its own rules. If you’re moving to Dubai, you should familiarize yourself with its laws and culture to avoid trouble.

Given the modern digital era and the development of the Internet, the chances of finding a decent job online are increasing every day. Thanks to popular job search sites, people can quickly and easily choose a vacancy that matches their qualifications.

An online job search also provides the ability to look at propositions in a lot of countries and compare salaries and working rules, which helps to choose the best option for an employee. The ability to use the Internet is also important competency that will help in the online job search. However, it is worth remembering that a job search is not a simple process, so you need to plan your time and use several sources to get the best offers on the labor market.