Benefits of Corflute Signs

When it comes to outdoor signage, corflute signs are a popular choice. They are an affordable and versatile solution that can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising campaigns to informational signs. Corflute signs are lightweight, durable and highly visible in any environment – making them a great option for businesses and organizations looking to get their message across in an effective way. Here we will explore the benefits of using corflute signs for your next project:

Cost-Effective: Corflute is one of the most economical materials available when it comes to creating signage. It is very cost-effective compared to other alternatives such as PVC or metal sheets, meaning you can get more bang for your buck with corflute sign boards.

Lightweight: Due to its lightweight properties, corflute is also easy to transport and install on site. This makes it ideal if you need several large sign boards installed or moved around frequently – saving you time and money on labour costs.

Durable: The material itself is strong enough that it won’t easily break or tear if exposed to heavy winds or other weather conditions like rain or snow – meaning your message will stay visible even in tough environments.

Advantages of Corflute Signs

Corflute sign Brisbane are becoming increasingly popular as a way to market businesses, events and even personal messages. They are lightweight, durable and cost-effective which makes them an attractive choice for many. Here we will look at the advantages of using corflute signs in more detail.

Durability – Corflute is an extremely durable material that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions such as rain, hail and wind. It also won’t fade or be affected by UV rays from the sun meaning it can last for many years if taken care of properly. Its lightweight construction means that it’s easy to move around when needed and placed in different locations too. 

Cost-effective – One of the main advantages to using corflute signs is their cost-effectiveness compared to other forms of advertising such as billboards or television commercials which can be much more expensive over time. Corflute signs are cheaper to make but still offer great visibility due to their sizable size which helps draw attention towards your business or message quickly and easily without breaking the bank. 

Flexibility – Corflute is a very flexible material meaning it can be moulded into shapes suitable for whatever purpose you need it for without losing its durability or strength in any way whatsoever.

Design Considerations for Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are an economical and effective way to get the word out about your business or organization. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport. However, if you want your corflute signs to be effective in drawing attention and driving sales or donations, there are some design considerations that should be taken into account before production begins. 

First and foremost, you need to keep your message simple. Corflute signs are a great way to get a brief message out quickly – try not to have more than four words on the sign so it’s easily readable from afar. Additionally, it’s important that the font size is large enough for everyone passing by the sign to be able to read it without squinting or straining their eyesight; this will ensure your message reaches its intended audience effectively. 

You also need to consider how much colour you use on your corflute sign; too many bright colours can be distracting and make it harder for people walking past to quickly read what’s written on the sign. Stick with two or three colours for maximum impact – one of which should always be black as this is proven to draw attention most effectively in signage applications. 

Printing Process for Corflute Signs

Printing Corflute signs can be a great way to promote your business or grab the attention of potential customers. Corflute is a lightweight, durable plastic material that is ideal for outdoor signage and other promotional materials. In this article, we will discuss the basics of printing on corflute and how it can benefit your business.

The first step in printing corflute signs is preparing the substrate. This involves cutting the board to size, cleaning it with an appropriate cleaner, and then priming it with a primer designed specifically for plastic substrates such as corflute. After prepping the substrate, you’ll need to print onto it using either an inkjet or toner-based printer depending on your needs and budget. Inkjet printing offers sharper images with more detail while toner-based printing requires less maintenance but doesn’t offer as much in terms of image quality or resolution.

Once you have printed out your graphics onto the board, you’ll need to laminate them for protection against fading due to UV light exposure or other environmental elements such as rain or wind. The lamination process involves applying pressure sensitive vinyl film over top of the printed graphics which helps protect them from damage over time.

Installation and Maintenance of Corflute Signs

Corflute signs are a great way to get your message out in an attractive and cost-effective manner. They can be used for a variety of purposes, from advertising events to displaying information on public safety and more. While these signs are relatively easy to install, it’s important to take the time to ensure that they are properly supported and mounted for maximum durability and visibility. This article will provide an overview of the installation process as well as tips on how to maintain your corflute signs over time.

The first step in installing corflute signs is selecting the right mounting hardware. The most common type of mounting system involves screws or bolts with washers, but other options such as adhesive tapes may be used depending on the surface you’re attaching your sign onto. If you’re mounting onto a wall or other flat surface, it’s best practice to use screws with washers since this provides the most secure attachment; however, if you’re attaching onto something like chain link fence or wood posts, you may want to consider using adhesive tapes instead since they offer better adhesion in these situations. Once all of your hardware is selected and ready for installation, it’s time to mount your sign itself.


In conclusion, corflute signs are an effective way to advertise or communicate messages. They are lightweight, durable and cost-effective, making them a great choice for any business or individual looking to get their message out there. Corflute signs offer versatility and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. With the right design and placement, they can be highly effective in drawing attention and increasing visibility of your brand or message.