You’d be surprised how immense the locksmith field is, it encompasses so many disciplines and characteristics, right down to any of our stages. For example, there is residential locksmithing, commercial locksmithing, automotive locksmithing, and each can complement each other, surprising isn’t it? 

Locksmith is in everything and every space we can imagine, and sometimes, it is even a better option to opt for a locksmith to solve our problem in Las Vegas than to call the insurance of some company that is not going to give us immediate results and with a superior quality seal, as it can be in the case of lost keys and the decision to call a dealerships or a locksmith. 

One of the primary services that differs dealerships with locksmiths is their ability to unlock a vehicle. Most dealerships do not care about dealing with small daily tasks related to auto lockouts. Besides that, sometimes people can call in the middle of the night, and of course, a dealership will probably be closed at that hour. 

In this honest case, who do you choose? Are you sure about the dealership? We recommend you to read a little more and know in which situations you might be right, and in which others you definitely are not. 

We know that you are used to the term “Locksmith” associated with everything that has to do with solving the problems of the door of your house and already, but in this case, locksmiths specialize mostly in the openings of automobiles and their various problems. You can ask for help from a locksmith if your car won’t start because of problems with the car ignition or if it won’t open your car’s trunk or any of the doors. And even, if any of the security systems that you have integrated to your control panel fail. 

As you can imagine, these professionals study, train, take courses and different types of programs in order to get their locksmith license. They are more than qualified to help you with the alignment and hardware work of the openings or systems that raise the window panes or allow you to enter your car in any way. 

These are professionals who are able to solve a lot of emergency situations that a car may suffer when some of its functions are failing. 

It is important to always have the contact of a locksmith at hand and avoid calling a dealership for several reasons, among them, for the simple fact that the dealership would take hours, days and weeks to give you an answer that suits your needs. For example, if you have lost your keys, the dealership, besides asking you for a letter and waiting for a long process, could simply tell you that the car insurance does not cover that and that you must solve it on your own, or in other occasions, send you to a locksmith that you could have easily hired in advance. 

As we have previously mentioned, automotive locksmiths can perform many functions that are relevant to anyone who owns a vehicle. And even surpass those who many believe to be the main base of responsible car owners such as dealerships.