You can replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants if you wish, and have natural-looking and fully functional artificial teeth in the Tri-Cities WA area.

Patients like you share their experiences with dental implants

For several reasons, Dentist in Kennewick implants are the most popular choice with patients when it comes to tooth replacement. The best part about dental implants is that they function and look exactly like your natural teeth, so not only will you regain your natural smile and chewing ability, but caring for them is also just as simple as caring for your regular teeth. Dental implants are so similar to natural teeth that most people forget which is the implant because they look so natural.

Hearing from other patients about their experience with implants is one of the best ways to learn more about dental implants and to reassure yourself that they are the right choice. The following videos feature our dental implant patients talking about their positive experiences at our practice. These patients also discuss their experiences with Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons and how their positive interactions led them to recommend us to their family and friends.

Implants for dental health

Dental implants are one of the best long-term solutions for replacing missing teeth permanently. It can be challenging to chew and smile when you have missing teeth, in addition to causing oral health problems. A dental implant looks and functions just like a natural tooth, allowing you to eat and smile with confidence and avoiding related oral health problems.

Three main components make up a dental implant: the titanium implant post, the custom-made crown, and the connecting abutment. Dental implants are installed into the jaw bone and integrate naturally, providing a secure base for a custom-made porcelain crown. Using an abutment, this crown is attached firmly to your implant post in order to look just like your natural teeth. Taking proper care of dental implants provides patients with a lifetime of benefits.

Why are dental implants made up of three parts?

By creating dental implants in a three-part design, oral surgeons are able to create the most functional, natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing restoration. A bridge, for example, does not restore the entire tooth; it only restores the crown. The tooth root has not been restored, which means that nothing stimulates the jaw bone. As the jaw bone shrinks over time, healthy teeth can shift and become loose. By utilizing the three-part design, oral surgeons are able to eliminate jaw bone issues caused by missing tooth roots. By relying on natural teeth to carry their burden, traditional restorations also damage otherwise healthy teeth. The dental implant screw provides a sturdy base for the restorative crown, which helps keep the mouth healthy. Patients can eat, speak, and smile with confidence since the dental implant is not removable.

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What is the purpose of dental implants?

Dental implants can be used to restore dentures, which are a versatile option. In addition to restoring individual teeth, dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth as part of a bridge, a full arch of teeth with a full-arch restoration, and even as a temporary anchorage device in orthodontic treatment. Because of their versatility, they are a popular option for replacing teeth.

A well-placed dental implant can last a lifetime if it is placed by a trained oral surgeon. Columbia Basin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons provides customized treatment based on each patient’s individual needs.