2018-12-09 20:02:18 No.285714] The new console generation is here, and it’s not going to be the same as last generation. That being said, we can look forward to more of the same in terms of gaming experience and portability. Thanks to the new AAA titles coming out for consoles this gen, everyone from hardcore single player game play to casual gamers will have something to keep their eye on. If you’re looking for a good time that won’t break your heart or waste your time, check out these top recommendations from our list of the best games of 2018!

Incredibles 2

“Well, I guess we should probably get started on the Incredibles 2 report. It’s a family fun video game, right?” This question marks my future, but not my present. The Incredibles 2 is a sweet, sweet game that will make your eyes water at the thought of more happy hours in the future. If you love family fun, there’s no reason to ignore this. It’s charming, fun, and just the right amount of crazy to keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s a ton of charm and character development in this game, both for the main characters and the audience, which makes it all the more charming. The story is light and sweet, with a bright and engaging pop culture reference that leads up to the adorable and charming “What’s This Thing Built For?” commercial that follows. The end.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

This is the one and only RPG-specific non-sandbox game that made the leap to VR, and it’s everything you hoped it would be. You play as a Cadance who, along with her two friends, wakes up from a timeless, timeless/. day-old dream to find their world has been transformed. They’re now fighting for their lives against the nefarious Aldmeri Dominion, who have defected from their homeworld to fight the forces of peace. The game follows your companions as they learn more about their world, the world’s history, and the people who live there. You also get to take part in increasingly bizarre and diverse activities such as exploring a abandoned city, hiking in the Alps, and drinking wine along the way. Be prepared to be overwhelmed and taken over by the incredible world that is Dragon Age: Inquisition. This is a classic adventure game that will bring your best self-discipline to the table.

Destiny 2

While many are going into this new Destiny 2 expecting something a little different, some are actually looking forward to the same things they loved in the first game. You play as the Guardians, a group of interstellar explorers who have been chosen to explore the vast, wild, and mysterious cosmos. Your role is to use your willpower, combined with your gear, to blast your way through waves of700++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This is the game that started it all, and it should be treated as such. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a Spielbergian, fantasy masterpiece. The environmental storytelling and unique multiple character creation options make this game stand out, and it only gets better from there. You play as Link, your older brother, and sister, and you journey throughout the world. You explore areas that you’ve only seen in movies; a lot of the fantasy imagery comes from that. Your mission is to save the day, and you do that by using your mystical powers to defeat bosses and collect the pieces of the yin-enhanced Anima Stone. The game uses the same engine as last year’s Zelda, and it’s amazing, but in a different way. The boss Rush Island is one of the most challenging things in the entire game and it tests your mettle beyond repair. The story is incredible and interesting, as are the sidequests and hidden items that are available. This is one of the best games of all time, and it’s already on its 10th anniversary. There’s a ton of content to be unlocked and completed on this one, and it’s a real page-turner. Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, you can redeem all your code incentives for free by picking up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch!

Animal Crossing: happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is one of the most popular and most loved games in the entire series. The game follows the lives of four happy homeowners, each with their own backyard, a kitchen, living room, and bedroom, who will do anything for their community: feed the animals, water the plants, provide a clean home for the family, and so much more. The game is also packed with charming and engaging characters, including the original inhabitants of each home, as well as familiar faces like Warrant, Mr. Laum, and the ever-helpful Tedd. The game takes place in the year 20 ded, following the adventures of four quirky and unique characters as they try to survive through the years. Animal Crossing: Native Animal is the spiritual successor to Animal Crossing, and it’s nothing short of amazing. This is a charming and fun game that takes the classic Animal Crossing formula and creates something entirely unique. You’ll spend your day adventuring through the world, doing whatever it takes to protect your homes, and coming home with new and ever-increasing happiness. No matter where you are in the world, there’s a reason for that.

Far Cry 5

This is the ultimate multiplayer game. It’s a solo game for up to 4 players, but it’s really fun as a duo or three-player game when you want to hang out with your friends and family. The player characters are the same familiar Far Cry 3 characters you’ve encountered in previous games, and the campaign mode is exactly what you want it for. Your mission is to defend your home, defend your friends, and defend your country from foreign threats. The campaign mode is solid and the single-player content is great, but the multiplayer is the real drawcard here. If you’re looking for a true challenge, this is the game for you.

Pokken Tournament DX

This is the ultimate Pokken Tournament game. It’s a cooperative, local-multiplayer game, but it’s also a competitive event-based action series with world-class Pokken Temple Defense and Super Kizuna. You play as Takeda, a white Kyuubi, and his friends, who are trying to take down the Great Kyuubi with the help of their friends. Each Pokken Tournament DX character comes with its own set of moves and different nuances that set it apart from the crowd, and it’s hard to match the skill and intensity of the other players. The challenge of the games is in the different obstacles that are encountered and the different stages that you have to overcome. There’s nothing like the sound of your voice when you’re playing Pokken Tournament DX.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch

This is the ultimate party game. Everyone in the game wants to play as himself or herself, and you can join in on the fun with the new Super Smash Bros. for the Switch. You play as a huge, MMA- Settings-arian battle royal, against opponents from all around the world, in 120+ different events, spanning worldwide release dates. It’s the best possible way to enjoy Super Smash Bros., and it comes with tons of content, including some never-before-seen levels and stages, a series of fighting games, a legendary soundtrack, and even an unprecedented user experience. It’s an amazing way to spend an evening, and you can even pick up the free Nintendo Switch Ultimate boxset, packed with never-before-seen content.

Final Fantasy XV: Final Fantasy’s Last Hope

This is the ultimate action-adventure game. It’s a big, beefy, and highly detailed action game, perfect for the Switch. You play as Matthew, your pet albino Feral, who has been chosen to take on the mightiest characters from all across the universe