Are you looking for a creative way to customize your sublimation shot glass? If so, you’re in luck! Sublimation is a great option for creating unique shot glasses that reflect your individual style. This blog post will discuss some of the different finishes you can use for your sublimation shot glass to make it truly one-of-a-kind. From metallic foils to glitter and glow-in-the-dark options, you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you create a custom shot glass that everyone will love.

Add a Decal

Putting a decal on a sublimation shot glass is a great way to make it stand out with a design or logo. Stickers are simple and easy to put on, and you don’t need messy glue. All you have to do is print the design on special decal transfer paper and put it on your shot glass with a heat press. You can also buy ready-made decals online in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find the right look for your glasses. For the best results, make sure to put the decal in the middle of the glass and press down hard on it.

Use Specialty Papers

Specialty papers can be used to make unique designs on sublimation shot glasses. Specialty papers like metallic, holographic, and fluorescent papers are made for sublimation. You can also find specialty papers with patterns or designs that you can use to give your shot glass a truly unique look. If you want the best results from specialty papers, make sure to use a lower temperature setting and a shorter pressing time. If you’re not sure how your specialty paper will work, try it out on a small piece of material before deciding on the final design.

Try out Different Colors

Adding color to your sublimation shot glass is a great way to make it stand out. When it comes to choosing the right colors, you want to make sure they work together and create a pleasing aesthetic. Color choices can range from bold and vibrant to subtle and muted, so there is plenty of room for creativity.

One way to customize your shot glass with color is to add a pattern or graphic that uses multiple shades. This could be something as simple as a repeating pattern of ombre stripes in various shades of blue or a more intricate design featuring different shades of green and yellow.

You can also choose just one color or a combination of two if you want to keep things simple. For instance, if you want to use bright pink and purple, try painting the inside and outside of the shot glass with these colors for a striking effect. Or, if you want to be bold, you could use a palette of neon or metallic colors. These colors are bright and bold, so they will stand out.

Incorporate Glitter

Adding glitter to your sublimation shot glass is a great way to create a one-of-a-kind look for your project. Glitter adds an eye-catching sparkle that you can’t get with any other finish.

Before adding glitter, make sure the glass is properly prepared by cleaning it thoroughly and then adding a layer of basecoat paint. The paint will give the glitter something to adhere to so it doesn’t flake off. Then you can use spray-on glitter or pour loose glitter onto the wet paint to create the desired effect.

When you’re done, you’ll need to seal the glass with a sealer or lacquer. This will help prevent the glitter from flaking off over time. After it’s completely dry, you’ll have a finished product that’s sure to be a conversation piece.

Create a Two-Tone Effect

Adding a two-tone look to your sublimation shot glass is a great way to give it a unique look. To do this, just use transfer paper of a different color for the top and bottom of your glass. To make a difference, the top part can be a bright, bold color, while the bottom can be a more muted or neutral tone. When it’s time to press, make sure to press the top part first, then the bottom. This will make sure that the colors are perfectly aligned and that the two-tone effect is the same all the way through the glass. Once you’ve pressed both sections, let the glass cool before carefully removing the transfer paper. You’ll end up with a beautiful two-tone design that stands out from the crowd.

Use Multiple Patterns

If you put more than one pattern on your sublimation shot glass, make sure they go well together. Use a pattern that repeats or mix and match different colors and textures to make a design that stands out. For example, you could use a bold geometric pattern for the background and then add smaller floral or paisley patterns to add texture and depth. Once your pattern is printed on the paper, put it inside the mug and use the heat press to press down hard. The heat from the press will move the color from the paper to the mug, giving it a bright, unique pattern.


Customizing your sublimation shot glass is a great way to make a unique statement or to commemorate a special occasion. There are so many different ways to customize these glasses, from using decals and specialty papers to incorporating glitter or creating a two-tone effect. You can even combine multiple patterns for a truly one-of-a-kind look. With a little creativity and some time, you can create a personalized shot glass that is sure to stand out.