The habit of shampooing every day seems natural to many, for example, those who have thick and curly hair. It allows them to keep it clean and tidy for longer, while women with short hair see no other way to style their hair other than washing it more often. It is crucial to use hair care cosmetics with natural ingredients like the products Dianella

You can check their shampoo, mask, and serum, which will revive your hair back to its natural state and reduce the need to wash every other day. If you want to learn more about the frequency of washing your hair, keep reading this article. 

Is it possible to wash your hair every day and how safe is it?

“To wash or not to wash?” – that is the question!

Experts say not to wash your hair every day! And there are two or three reasons for this:

With no blood vessels of its own, hair feeds exclusively on secretions produced by the skin glands. This secretion covers the entire hairline, thus nourishing it and protecting it from the harmful effects of hot air, ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, and other conditions. Losing this protective layer, as a result of daily washing of the head, the hair becomes dry, lifeless, and begins to split, break and fall out.

If you already have a dry scalp, constant washing will make it even drier, and it will immediately cause dandruff.

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But even with an oily hair type, frequent shampooing is prohibited. Paradoxically, washing away the same protective layer, we cause the sebaceous glands to secrete even more. It is easy to prove this fact! If, for example, years ago you only washed once every three or four days and now you have to wash your hair almost every other day. 

How often should different hair types get a wash?

If you can’t wash your hair every day, what should be the regularity of these procedures? It is different for different hair types:

  • Thick – every two or three days;
  • Normal – once or twice a week;
  • Dry – once every seven days.

Keep in mind that this is not an exact rule. You can be somewhere in between, and you should do your best to stick to your schedule. Wash your hair when it needs to. Make sure that you do your best to keep it dry longer. Use different types of natural styling products packed with vitamins, like the serum by Dianella, for example. 

How to train your hair to not get greasy often and how to wash your hair properly?

What can we do if we have already gone too far? Try to train your hair for optimal washing, and these tips will help you with this.

Tip 1. Gradually increase the intervals between washes. Gather the greasy strands in a small pony tail or bun, cover with a hat or scarf if you have to go for one more day without washing to stick to your new schedule.

Tip 2. Touch the hair less with your hands and do not tangle it several times.

Tip 3. Minimize the amount of foams, gels, varnishes, mousses and other cosmetic products.

Tip 4. Rinse the shampoo and conditioner thoroughly while also combing your hair during the rinse. Otherwise, it will look greasy by the evening.

Tip 5. Foam your hair twice, using a shampoo perfect for your hair type.

Tip 6. Monitor the temperature. The water should be cool, because under the influence of the hot water, the glands on the scalp begin to work more actively.

Tip 7. If the situation has not changed, see your doctor. Perhaps, the reason for the rapid contamination of the fibers lies in some disease. Getting rid of it, you can wash your hair much less often.

Can I wash my hair every day?

Of course, it is much better not to. Remember this and tell other girls with curly hair as well. Dermatologists explain what happens if you wash your hair every day. Your scalp produces more and more of its natural oils as you wash your hair more often, and it becomes a vicious circle. 

How often should you wash your hair, and is the rule “the less you wash your hair, the less greasy it will be”? Specialists in hair and dermatology say that the hair should get washed when it gets dirty. It is wrong to think that the more you wash your hair, the longer its freshness will last, the doctors emphasize. 

With an oily scalp, accidental washing, on the contrary, creates a background for the reproduction of excessive amounts of fungus. In this case, the waste products of the fungus irritate the skin and lead to the development of dermatoses, which can lead to hair loss.

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How do you know when it’s time to wash your hair?

It’s best to focus on the visual picture in the mirror and the appearance of physical discomforts, such as itching. If a person rarely washes his hair, sebum will oxidize under the influence of oxygen and can cause an unpleasant odor.

Also, the frequency of hair washing depends on the personal hormonal background (the higher the level of androgens, the more active the secretion of sebum). It also depends on the lifestyle. For example, if you are into sports or work out a lot, you should wash your hair more often.

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