There are times when we want to go all out for our Halloween costumes. But, there are also times when we are just too lazy or too busy to channel our inner creative side in order to create a unique costume. Thinking about what we want to be for Halloween indeed takes time (and money!). Head over to Blossom Costumes if you are interested in halloween costumes.

You can still have fun during the Halloween season even with a little effort. We have curated a list of the easiest Halloween costumes that you can pull together at the last minute. The plus side is you also don’t have to pay extra for renting a complicated costume!

Holly Golightly

Go classic for your Halloween costume this year by dressing up as Holly Holightly – the main character of the ultimate classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. To re-create Holly’s iconic look is so easy!

For the outfit, you just need to seek out your sleek black dress from your closet, along with elbow-length gloves, and black pump heels for your shoes. Wear your hair just the way Holly’s iconic high bun, and top it all off with a tiara. Don’t forget to finish your look with a chunky pearl necklace and earrings, as well as black sunglasses! You are ready to turn into the posh Holly Golightly.

Kitty Cat

This is one of the easiest costumes that you can do if you ever feel extra tired to dress up. You just need to wear a fit-body black jumpsuit or don a black outfit from head to toe. Add a cat nose and whiskers with the help of your favorite eyeliner, and don’t forget to wear the cat ear headband!

Little Devil

Channel your inner devilish side for this year’s Halloween. You can create an easy to do costume, but at the same time very fitting with the supposedly scary theme of Halloween. Use a red dress or jumpsuit for the outfit and complete your look with devil horns and a same-colored choker. To compensate for your lack of costume, you can go crazy with the makeup. We recommend you use bold eyeshadow and burgundy lipstick, you can also find selections of devilish make-up inspiration from your fav beauty gurus.

Wednesday Addam

She is scary, she is captivating, and she is Wednesday Addam! Wednesday Addam is the perfect character that you can go to for this year’s Halloween. Her look is very iconic, and you only need minimal effort to re-create it. You just need to fish out a couple of things in your closet!

Wear a long sleeve black dress with a white collar for the outfit – or if you don’t have that – you can wear a white collared shirt individually underneath your long sleeve black dress. Make sure that the white collar of your shirt is visible. To top it all, you should also wear black stockings and black pump shoes. Braid your hair into matching pigtails and don’t forget to wear very pale makeup to complete your look!


Dressing up as a scarecrow for Halloween never gets old. It is also very easy to DIY! You just need to mix and match your flannel shirt with denim overalls, and a cowboy hat. Finish your look with scarecrow-themed makeup. You will look fabulous with a very minimal effort!

Old Lady

For some people instead of ghosts, devils, and their other look-alikes – aging is scarier! Thus, you can also go as an old lady for this year’s Halloween. You can just borrow your granny floral dress and wear your faded sweater for the outfit. Purchase a cheap grey wig and reading glasses to complete the look. If you want to go extra, you should surf youtube and find a way to do an old-age makeup look.

Corpse Bride

Have extra time to shop for your Halloween costume? Then this is the perfect costume idea for you! Find an affordable wedding dress here, add some blue tights, and complete your corpse bride look with ghostly makeup on Halloween day. You will look perfectly scary!

Rosie the Riveter

Have a long denim jumpsuit in your closet? Then you can go as Rosie the Riveter for this year’s Halloween. She was the star character as well as a feminist icon even after all this year.

To dress like her is so easy. Wear your denim jumpsuit, add a red belt and do a pin-up for your hair and complete it with her iconic headscarves. You are good to go!

A Rocker

Don’t want to dress as a character for this year’s Halloween? You can opt to dress as a rocker instead. You can still be dressy enough with a universal character. You just need a rocker tee, ripped jeans, boots, and a bandana for this look!

Most of these ideas are easy enough for you to recreate with the outfit that you already have. You can also do last minute shopping just to add something more to your costume. Whatever you decide, you will look all out with these simple inspirations!